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Child Portraits. Magnifying glass!

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

A trip down memory lane.

Pictures taken of my son with an over sized magnifying glass.

I love a portrait with strong eye contact.

Where I can capture the expression, the catch-lights. The glint of mischief in his eyes.

The tenderness. This magnifying glass was just the ticket.

Really great fun to play around with.

I love the way that elements in the environment get magnified in the glass too. Dust and scratches can add a lot of texture & intrigue to a portrait. Sharpening elements of the child portrait also really adds points of interest.

When I’m editing a favorite black and white child or family photograph, I love focusing on certain details in the frame. Obvious features, such as freckles, and hands. But also, less obvious elements such as a leaf or twig in the corner of the frame.

Everything can matter. Even the tiny, tiny details!

When looking at a picture my eye rotates around the frame, taking in all four corners. So I especially like to emphasize these four points and sharpen even minor details to add texture.

It’s amazing what can be drawn out of a picture by good use of the sharpening tool!

I like experimenting with different sharpening actions in Photoshop & Adobe Camera Raw. From bold brush strokes that add drama. To more subtle, fine actions that bring out all the subtle qualities.

As ever, I do love an expressive, timeless black & white child or family portrait. One where the focus is on the drama of a unique expression or gesture.

I am an award winning, professional photographer based in Dublin. My focus of expertise is expressive child portraits. I do on location, all natural light sessions at home or in a place you love. In Dublin there is plenty of options for an outdoor shoot, particularly in the warmer months. I also specialize in at home natural newborn photography Dublin!

My Dublin family photography sessions are relaxed & fun filled. Light filled. We might take a stroll outside. Take candid, natural pictures of you interacting as a family. Nothing too stiff! As I love emotive portraits, I will take time in the session to focus on portraits of individual family members as well

In my family Highlights page, you can see that a lot of my Dublin sessions are colorful. I do have room for classic black & white family photography too! Have a look at my baby & newborn page for more inspiration on my at home baby photography sessions.

That’s it for this week folks. I hope you are all well and safe and holding down the fort.

Hugs, Cara x

award winning portrait of boy looking through magnifying glass with enlarged eyes

boy laughing as he looks through a magnifying glass

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