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Columbia Graduation, 2022

Hey, so this is exciting!

I arrived in New York and got to take my daughter's graduation pictures. Here is Florence in her cap & gown with her best friend Ashley. These two met in the first week at Trinity, Dublin, as part of the dual degree program, and were pretty much inseparable. It was an honor to take both their graduation portraits here on Columbia campus, NYC.

4 years later, including one pandemic year (2020) spent studying from home in Dublin, and these two have finally GRADUATED! Florence still has three summer classes to take so she will be fully finished in June 2022.

Adding to the celebrations, Ashley is valedictorian of her school at Columbia, which is just an incredible achievement. Florence also made the dean's list and I couldn't be more proud. These two have worked incredibly hard.

It was such a joyful celebration. I had literally arrived in from Dublin on Saturday evening, and Sunday late afternoon, I had my camera out taking these on the campus. Florence is very used to having her picture taken by me and so her portraits are very informal. All the portraits are light filled and fun. There is even a picture of me & Florence taken by Ashley's brother.

The sun was still pretty high in the sky and so we used the campus trees to create some shade. The buildings were all pretty impressive & so tried to catch a glimpse of those as well

Her school's graduation was on the Monday May 16th & the Commencement for the whole year was on Wednesday 18th. It has been a busy week of celebrations and catching up with Florence & her friends. As well as exploring a bit of NYC. Considering we used to live in NYC when Florence was seven, so much was familiar & yet so much had changed & shifted in the time we were away in Abu Dhabi, and most recently, Dublin.

Still, it was exciting to take a trip down memory lane and rediscover some old haunts. Ben's pizza in Soho was delicious - pizza by the slice, dripping with mozzarella. As well as a jaunt into China Town to locate the ice-cream that had lodged itself in my memory as one of the best ever. We found it. The lychee flavor ice-cream in China Town's oldest founding ice-cream shop. Commencement lunch was at the Union Cafe in Gramercy. With Ashely's family, we also went to Minotta, and I have to say, it was the best burger I'd ever eaten.

My week in NY is coming to an end now, but here is a selection of some of the graduation photoshoot portraits. These are very genuine moments of connection, light hearted & fun. May the future shine brightly for these two. Moreover, may they shine brightly and help make a better future here in NYC.

Please contact me for lifestyle & family photoshoots, Dublin. Including child, baby, newborn.

Note: I ran the Photoshop scripts tool on these & some of the verticals don't have the same clarity as the horizontal portraits.

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