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Communion Beach Portraits

Since coming back from New York for my daughter's graduation (I blogged about the graduation portraits last week), I am catching up on showcasing some of the photoshoots I did in Dublin before my trip to New York

Right here in Dublin, all my best family moments!

Well, today, & as promised, I am sharing a few favourites from my beach Communion photography session near Howth, Dublin

This session was taken after the communion event at a hotel & gold links near Howth, Dublin. It was a beautiful summer day in May, as if summer really had arrived early for this lucky little girl.

She was adorable in her beautiful white Communion gown, as was her charming older sister in her bright red dress.

This little girl wanted her Communion pictures to be taken on the beach.

The focus was mainly on having some portraits of her alone in her beautiful, pristine white Communion gown.

However, as her older sister was also in a fabulous red dress, I loved taking some of the two of them together. Also of her dad who accompanied her along the beach during the session.

I also loved taking the whole family on the staircase at the hotel, and on the bench in a garden by the hotel.

I absolutely loved the whole family in their wonderfully bright dresses, and the pop of the pure white Communion gown at center stage.

The hotel had a fabulous wood staircase & a few antique bits of furniture which made a classic backdrop to some of the pictures. I love the one of the Communion girl covering her face in her hands on the staircase. There is almost an otherworldly spooky gothic quality to that staircase, perfect for timeless Communion portraits!

Later, it was fun to explore the beach. The sisters interacted at the water's edge, older sister adjusting little sister's veil, & also both ran along the edge of the sea. We also had fun on the sand dunes overlooking the beach at Howth, Dublin.

I like the slightly wind swept vibe of some of these Communion portraits, nothing too stiff and formal. Rather the session felt carefree, fun & natural. The sun was still quite high in the sky at 5.30pm, but I was happy with the softer pastel shades, the pastel blue of the sea and sky.

I was really happy to get the family portrait with everyone looking so elegant on the bench. What a wonderful backdrop of purple flowers to bring magic & colour to this very special occasion.

Communion sessions can be classic & timeless portrait sessions. They can also be fun-filled natural moments. Even in a white gown, little girls can play & explore! There is something lovely about a grown up fairytale gown contrasted by the fun innocence of childhood.

Contact me for Dublin lifestyle & family sessions, for celebrations big, small & really very tiny!

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