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Frozen Summer. Ashley's Summer Portraits

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

I posted a few of these a couple of times over the past few weeks.

Isn't she beautiful?

Ashley came to stay with us this summer in Cumont, Dordogne, France, and I took some pictures of her around the meadow in front of the house.

I love how her white outfit and dramatic white hair look in these cool-toned black & whites, and it's a reminder of how styling an outfit for a photo shoot can be fun & change the mood of a portrait.

Even if you want your photo shoot to have a casual relaxed vibe, and it's not so much a special occasion as it is a everyday celebration of who you are, a well coordinated outfit can make all the difference.

I love how the straw hat makes such a bold statement too, and helps give the pictures a sense of place!

Ashley was very relaxed and awesome in front of the camera. Happy to explore the light in different spots across the meadow.

We took pictures under the beautiful old oak tree, where the light was golden as the sun set. Turning the leaves to fire.

I've emphasized the soft golden glow on her face. Golden light produces mellow & warm pictures whereas cooler light brings out cooler blue tones, such as at the top of the meadow under the shadow of the house.

I've kept the black & whites pretty cool, to bring out Ashley's own natural silvery tones.

It's been a lot of fun getting her pictures together, and I've dedicated a gallery in the photo shoots section of my website to Frozen summer - check out my photo shoots section for more special occasions and everyday small moments.

For Dublin photo shoots, depending on the package, there are also options for wardrobe changes to bring out different styles.

From dress up to dress down.

An average family session can take one hour or one and a half hours, depending on group size. Multi generational photo shoots can last longer than an hour to make time for everyone to be photographed.

After that, I'll upload the best pictures to my Cloudspot gallery, and you can choose your favorites. Black & white & color.

I love taking pictures of families, as well as older children, teenagers & young adults. Graduation & debs photography is a great way to remember your child in the later teenage years

Contact me for graduation & debs photography Dublin. Or for a casual family session with your teenager or older children

Have a lovely weekend, Cara x

black & white portrait of a young woman in wide brimmed hat

portrait of a girl holding branch of a tree, white outfit

teenager laughing in a meadow, white skirt and hat

portrait of a young woman in a big hat, black & white

portrait of a young woman or older teenager in a hat, in a meadow with golden light

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