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Holy Cross Church Christening, Dundrum

Wow wow wow!! guys it's been SO LONG since I blogged.

A good thing really. After setting up my family photography "business" during covid, it has recently taken off. Particularly in the run up to Christmas. Which was busy with family & new baby portraits & communion portraits.

After Christmas I took a bit of a break, recharged my batteries. I have managed to add to my photoshoots gallery recently though, and also did a bit of a revamp on my website. I changed the header from green to white, woohoo! My pages look cleaner & breezier Have a wander about my new-look pages & see...

But, more importantly, I have something special today to share.

A christening of a gorgeous baby boy with his family here in Ireland. At the Holy Cross church in Dundrum, Dublin. When I say baby though, he was actually a little older than a baby - such a sweet little boy... I loved his grown up bow tie!

Christenings are a lovely family occasion. A rite of passage for many here in Ireland.

In the beautiful Holy Cross Church in Dundrum, these pictures were taken after the event itself as there were no pictures allowed during the actual ceremony. I think there are different rules around this sort of thing in each of the churches here.

Still, the church was lovely and there was the opportunity to take family portraits around the church pews, alter, & by the beautiful stained glass window looking over the alter

The "dark" church lighting was a challenge but there was still plenty of natural light from the window and it was a time to embrace shadow & grain. Grain also from the bouncing light from the window...

I made the most of traditional family portraits as well as the precious natural moments of connection. This shoot, originally 45 mins, was cut short by a tired baby. But in half the normal time I still managed to capture some sweet moments

I hope you enjoy & have a lovely week, Cara x

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