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Kaftans around a firepit, Dublin

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

This indoor photo shoot was a lot of fun. Two girls posing in 100 % authentic kaftans from India!

The Dublin photo shoot included details of the beautiful fabrics as well as the girls wearing the kaftans around the home & garden.

The fire pit added to the atmosphere of casual chic in the garden. Even in the middle of the day, the fire was burning bright!

Smoke is always atmospheric & emotive in family & lifestyle portraits.

With indoor lifestyle photo shoots in Dublin, the window light can be wonderful any time of day.

Soft diffused light at midday was perfect for these fashion & lifestyle portraits around the home. The light was also bright on the stairs and balcony.

Being an avid light-seeker can result in lots of interesting compositions. Maximizing on the best light anywhere & everywhere inside the home.

The bohemian furniture, as well as wall hanging kaftans, provided the perfect textured backdrops for the kaftan portraits.

Sitting comfortably on the sofa by the window resulted in some casual laid-back feminine portraits.

The bright-eyed Yorkshire terrier was the perfect addition to the frame.

Sitting on one of the blankets, he drew attention to the textile products and kaftans.

Looking forward to sharing more from my portfolio soon. Take a look around the new sections of my website, including my exciting new couples & engagement photography,

Have a great week,

Cara x

girl in brown kaftan

yorkshire terrier on an orange fabric blanket

young woman by a fire pit in family home, dublin

woman by orange cutain in a kaftan, soft window light

two woen wearing indian kaftans in the home

portrait of two young woman in green kaftans outside in garden by fire pit

close up portrait of two young women in indian kaftans, lifestle photography

lifestyle photography featuring woman in kaftan, at home dublin photo shoot

woman in kaftan on balcony of her home

girl in kaftan and knee high boots on sofa of her home, window light

dog on kaftan

girl on sofa with yorkshire terrier

girl with nose ring, indoor portrait

two women in kaftans on the stairs

women on stairs in kaftans, leaning against balcony

in the garden, two women, fire pit and summer light

woman putting on long leather boots

in a chair, women in green kaftan in garden of home with fire pit

yorkshire terrier on blanket

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