• Cara Hodge

More Frozen Summer

Here is another glimpse at my Frozen summer series. Ashley came to stay with us this summer in France and I took the opportunity to photograph her in the meadow in front of the house. So far, I've kept to colour to capture the end of the day colours which are so beautiful in this little corner of the globe. Blue skies, white fluffy clouds just visible between the trees. Trees turning golden in end of the day light. The light is interesting because although it was sundown, and late, there is still some glare and flare. The sun's last attempt to burn. This created some pretty vibrant colours. Whilst wanting to preserve the vibrance, I've also used a gentle glow and slight clarifying action to soothe the tones slightly. I love the plugin action palette I've been using for a long time now. Totally Rad! by Radlab. I use a subtle layering of effects. Nothing that detracts too much from the natural palette here though. (incidentally, Totally Rad have also brought out a new plugin called Pixel Sugar, and I can't wait to try it properly). Also, I've have had the chance to do a few black & white conversions too, and I hope to share a few in my blog sometime next week. Ashley's naturally white hair really stands out a dream in both in colour and black & white. As a family & lifestyle photographer, sometimes documentary and unposed is best. Let go and see where the moment takes you! However, at other times, it's good to consider the gesture, the pose. There is so much storytelling in the position of the hands alone, for example. As much as I love direct eye contact in a portrait, there is also a intriguing aspect to a gaze that doesn't meat the camera's own gaze. As if the person belongs entirely to the landscape within the frame. I love shooting young people, and a lifestyle photography session is the perfect excuse for wardrobe changes and makeup fun. In an hour session, there is usually time for about two outfit changes. Neutral wardrobe colours also work well for this type of shoot, as overly bright or dramatic colours won't detract from the natural colours in the scene. Most importantly, it won't detract from the person! Ashley's outfit is perfect here. I also love the straw hat that she brought out from the house. Hats and another wardrobe props can be great to experiment with in a lifestyle photography session, or a debs or other special occasion photoshoot. it was a wonderful experience to capture Ashley in the Dordogne, looking so relaxed and natural. Hopefully I'll have the whole series to share with you soon. Other then that, I am busy on my website, advertising new packages for lifestyle & family photography here in Dublin, including baby and newborn family sessions. Also family sessions with your pet. I'll have more information about those Dublin photography sessions on my website soon, Cara x

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