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Sleepy Child Portraits...

So here we are in Dublin with level 5 restrictions yet again to combat covid. Hopefully with the vaccine in sight, though, there is light at the end of the tunnel! in the meantime, I've been juggling family life with homeschooling and squeezing a few photography moments in between the hectic day-to-day. One of the things I've been doing is uploading my favorite pictures from the past 10 years on to my Google drive. A good friend of mine informed me that it's a case of when not if the hard drives will fail...Epic anxiety..! I was forced into immediate action, folks. Losing my pictures would just be so sad. So. Up to the cloud they have gone. It was certainly a trip down memory lane going back through my haul. My pictures span all the way back to babyhood. Here, on my oldest dinosaur of a hard drive, I have found some of the very first favorite pictures I have. My sleeping boy! I remember he was getting over his first bout of sickness, something like flu. His face was a little flushed from fever. I experimented with different perspectives. Here is just a small sample of those I took that afternoon. He looks like an angel. So precious and sweet. Incidentally, sleeping children are generally amazing to photograph. As well as busy & chaotic family moments, I love sleeping babies & newborns on my family photoshoots. Slumbering faces are so still and serene. Sleeping babies & children also have some pretty cute gestures. Here my little boy clasped his hands as though in prayer...Also, with newborns, babies and toddlers, it is possible to arrange them on beautiful throws and patterned fabrics. It's also great to include a few favorite cuddly toys. Or else keep it totally natural. The arrangement here was purely as it was at the time...Anyway, I absolutely love my sleeping child here. Brings back so many fond memories & makes my heart melt! I have had to edit them super fast because I am rushed off my feet, but that's just the way things are the moment. Stay safe & well everyone, I hope we see that chink of light at the end of the tunnel soon, Cara x

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