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Sri-Lanka (A holiday, remember those?)

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

As I was going through my stash of pictures on my dinosaur of a hard drive, I came across these. I have to admit feeling quite emotional being reminded of the memories, not so far back, but far enough back to feel like a lifetime. I want to go back there so bad!

A holiday in Sri-Lanka. These pictures were taken around the southern point of the island near Galle. We were living in Abu Dhabi until 2018, so Asia wasn't so far away: Sri-Lanka is only 4 hours by plane from Abu Dhabi! It was a perfect time of life to make the most of beautiful Asia.

We spent a lot of time by the ocean. The boys would play in the surf. And I would when I didn't have my camera with me (water and camera without waterproof housing - dangerous combination. And I should know, my first Nikon DSLR fell in a Sri-Lankan wave on one of our first trips there!). But I digress...The ocean, as ever, provided endless entertainment. And endless possibility for family photography. Jumping the waves or wading around crystal-clear rock-pools. Chaotic or peaceful. The ocean could be both depending on where.

And in the evening the sky would turn the most gorgeous colors. Intense chalky pinks and blues and purples - different from any other sunset I'd ever known. I really LOVED this place.

The hotels were wonderful in Sri-Lanka, too. Great atmosphere and warm, friendly hospitality. Beautiful window light with the sun streaming in all through the day!

A magical set of memories. Pure lifestyle photography. Just trying to grasp a moment before it is gone. It's the kind of lifestyle photography where you have to move a lot (hop around like a mad bird) just to keep up with the action.

I wish I had had more time to photograph the ravens along the Galle fort at sunset. They were remarkable. They were clearly used to holiday makers and would come up pretty close.

Have a lovely week. I am dreaming of holidays again, and holiday pictures, Cara x

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