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Emotive Family Photography. My favorite moments

Updated: May 9

My headline for my entire website in the website listings is: Cara Hodge Photography - Emotive family & child photographer. Professional, award winning family & child photographer

That means I ONLY want to showcase the "Pictures" on my website that I feel an emotional reaction to. Particularly on the website Home page or landing page.

Those family portraits that I feel truly, madly deeply about.

After all, emotive means: arousing or able to arouse intense feeling.

So the last week or so, I looked back over my archive for my favorite family, child & baby portraits

Picking the pictures that "move me" most for my moving slider on the Home page!

Those pictures that most reflect the spirit of my family photography, including lifestyle photography.

Below are the pictures I have included in my slider.

I have favorite family & child portraits that include surprising moments. Moments of unexpected gesture & movement

Those moments that come by surprise!

My little niece suddenly jumping over a plant pot. A spot of light over my son's eye.

A mum swinging her baby son, and the expression of pure joy on his face.

My son playing with a garden hose and the water obscuring his face. Or spurting water from his mouth as he jumps into a pool. A young man tying a ribbon on to his girlfriend's wrist at a debs. A communion portrait Dublin with two sisters hugging on the beach. A beautiful young woman in a sunlit meadow, her straw hat lying near her in the meadow grass

These are authentic, natural moments that capture the spirit of family photography Dublin

This means seeking natural family photography, often documenting the ordinary moments as they unfold. This is also known as documentary family photography.

Or what I refer to as: Fly On The Wall!

I have tried to put a selection of older child, teenage & young adult in my slider as well.

Our children are always our babies no matter how old they are!

Of course my kids feature...because my kids have my heart & them some...

I have also featured some of my favorite client family pictures as I always aim to bring my lovely clients the passion I bring to my own family pictures.

Although black & white is my passion, I do love vibrant natural color too. I definitely wanted to include some life-affirming color on my pages.

Cara Hodge Photography - Family photographer Dublin. Professional, award winning photographer.

All natural light. At home or a place you love. Making the most of moments as they unfold naturally. Including newborn at home, capturing the first days & weeks of being a parent when baby is still all curled up

Contact me to book your family or newborn baby session in Dublin. My packages include digital images, prints & albums. All beautifully made & handcrafted in range of leather & material covers

You can check out more of my emotive, natural family photography Dublin, here

Check out frequently asked questions about preparing for a family photo shoot here

And here are some kind words from people who have had a family or newborn session with me

Have a lovely week, Cara xxx

child in a tub waving a water sprinkler, giant flower bloom in the foreground. for emotive & natural family photographer dublin

child portrait featuring a boy between two vases of flowers, soft window light

child portrait showing motion, a little girl skipping over a plant pot. for emotive family photographer dublin. Cara

little boy tucked up in bed sleeping with his hands clasped as if in prayer, with a dog

young woman in a summer meadow with long cotton dress and sun hat on the ground. for emotive & natural family photographer dublin

communion portrait showing older sister hugging younger sister in communion gown on the beach in howth, dublin

award winning child portrait, featured in iconic artist, milan, showing boy with light across one eye, leaning across a chopping board

black & white award winning child portrait showing boy leaning across chopping board with greek goddess statue next to chopping board

little baby boy being swung in mum's arms in park with maize in backgroud. for natural family photographer by Cara

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