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Natural In-Home Family Photography in Dublin: Capturing Genuine Moments with Cara Hodge Photography

Step into the warmth and comfort of your home for intimate family portraits with Cara Hodge Photography. As a natural family portrait photographer based in Dublin, I specialize in capturing the genuine moments and connections that make your family unique.

During this particular family session, charming props found in the garden, including a candy striped tent and a wheelbarrow, added whimsy and personality to the photos, capturing the essence of the family's joy and togetherness. Mum & dad dressed in black and the girls in pretty cotton sundresses helped create a vintage vibe, complementing the timeless appeal of these family portraits.

Discover the beauty of natural child portraits as the little ones interact with these props. From playful moments to tender expressions, every image tells a story of childhood wonder and imagination.

We ventured beyond the home to nearby outdoor locations, such as the serene Wicklow gardens & a picturesque lakeside jetty. With blue skies and fluffy clouds as the backdrop, these family portraits radiate with natural beauty. The bright midday sun created vibrant colors, but through gentle de-saturation, the pictures have a more pastel, delicate vintage-inspired mood.

Trust in my expertise as an indoor family photographer to capture genuine moments that reflect the love and joy shared within your family. Cara Hodge Photography specializes in ageless family photography and child portraits, using simple household props to create storytelling portraits.

Contact me today to schedule your in-home family photo shoot in Dublin and preserve the precious moments of your family's journey.

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dad hugging his daughter, close up of her curly blonde hair against a blue sky with clouds. emotive child and family portraits by cara hodge, Dublin

At home family photos

enhance your family session with interesting props scattered around your home & garden!

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