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The Wheelbarrow. Summer Portraits

Updated: Jan 14

Here, in Dublin, the rains pour down from the heavens!

And I haven't taken my camera out in the rain..

(And I don't plan to!)

I love taking pictures of older children & teenagers. It's important to remember that as well as babies & small children, our teenagers will always be our babies.

They are such an important part of any family photo shoot Dublin.

And I love to do portraits of JUST them too!

Here is the full wheelbarrow series of my own daughter that I took over summer in France.

We would do mini family photo shoots in the meadow by the house.

As I said in my previous blog, these pictures were inspired by Juergen Teller's portrait of Kate Moss in an old rusty wheelbarrow. I ADORE that picture

I saw the old wheelbarrow we've had for years in France and thought it would be the perfect prop. So it was used for these fun family portraits of my lovely teenager

I love these portraits in both natural, vibrant color and soulful black & white.

As much as I love a dramatic black & white portrait, there are times when color really does have the power to evoke memory and mood. In this case, of summertime in our French meadow.

It was a very bright time of day when I took these portraits. The sun sets so late in summer it's hard not to take family portraits earlier. The trees offered some shade from the harsh mid afternoon light.

I am a professional & award winning family photographer Dublin. I love to capture all the best heart warming moments.

To take pictures of families, children, babies & newborns. Family portraits with teenagers and older children are a favorite thing for me to photograph.

Of course teenagers can be self conscious, but when they come out of their shell or relax in front of the camera, they are magical! It's all about making them comfortable inside their own skin so they can shine from the inside out

We can take a stroll together in a place you love. City, beach or park. Or at an event location.

And for our teenagers & young adult children in particular, debs & graduation are really important celebrations here in Dublin. Contact me for your teenager's family, graduation or debs photography sessions Dublin (...with or without a rusty wheelbarrow!)

Have a wonderful week, Cara x

young woman in a wheelbarrow

faminine portrait with young woman in a wheelbarrow

young woman in a wheelbarrow, casual teenager photography Dublin

girl thinking in a wheelbarrow, arm thrown over head

debs photography Dublin with young attractive  woman curled in a wheelbarrow

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