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My family photography journey started with my own children in Abu Dhabi. Now in Dublin, Ireland.


My little bean featured here and my slightly older bean who has now finished college. Where does the time go? I love to look back and remember these special moments in time.

As well as vibrant life-affirming color, I love the timeless simplicity & power of a black & white portrait. Composition & light. Storytelling, a magic moment of connection. I always have me eye on what might make an emotive, classic child portrait.

My personal black & white pictures of my own child. They have my heart.

Cara in the media, PhotoVOGUE, Iconic Artist, International Child Photo Competition, best of black & white >

family highlights >

award winning black and white child portrait of a boy with bubble bath foam beard

My heart & some

award winning family portrait of boy hanging upside down from tree

B & W Gallery

I always include hand edited classic black & white pictures in my lifestyle & family galleries, and they are always a favorite. My b & w are not just conversions from color, they are carefully created by layering different b & w together for a timeless, cinematic feel

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