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Natural Newborn at home. In black & white

I specialize in natural newborn at home photography Dublin.

When you book your family & newborn session with me, all I expect you to do is show up looking as you always are! No frills, fuss free at home newborn photography Dublin

You can be in PJ's for all I care. Actually, PJ's and robes can be a great wardrobe for at home newborn pictures!

Family portraits on the master bed with newborn work really well

Not much time for showers, or slapping on make up?

Just drag a comb through your hair. I can ease out tired eyes & blemishes in Photoshop. But don't worry, you will still look really natural & recognizable in my family portraits.

A typical newborn session means me showing up about 10 minutes early to find the best sources of natural light in your home. I might look at areas by windows. How light bounces off a wall. Or a mirror. Reflection or reflective portraits are the best

If you have blinds or curtains I'll simply ask that you pull them wide open to let in the best light!

Diffused light, evenly distributed, is good around midday for indoor baby & newborn photography Dublin.

That said, low light or high contrast light, can make for dramatic contrasts. That's highlights & low lights juxtaposed. This can be at any time of the day.

This kind of more dramatic natural light is great for BLACK & WHITE newborn photography

I also love DETAILS. Close up baby hands & feet. Baby feet & hands in adult hands are the best!

If you have other kids or pets, of course I include them in the session!

All my natural newborn photography Dublin is professionally edited. Once you have chosen your favorites they are all subtly retouched as well. I check brightness, contrast, temperature. Make sure the colors are true to life, rich & vibrant.

I love to add a bit of glow as it adds glossiness to the edit

Final retouching is done to your favorites. Correcting blemishes on the skin , clothes (stains on clothes is a big one with newborns including mum & dad!) & surrounding environment where possible

I love black & white but have plenty of pictures also edited in color. I love a mix in my family galleries

The newborn at home session Dublin is usually one hour. I do have a slice of life documentary family package where I shoot for longer. 2-3 hours usually. A true account of you day. Sleeping, feeding, bathing & generally hanging out with your newborn.

With this package there is also the possibility to get an albums, mounted print box and all the digital images from the session. However all my prints & albums are also available a la carte too

In warmer weather we can also do newborn sessions outside in the park - Just bring a blanket!

Newborn sessions are usually done about 2 weeks after birth when baby is still curled up. I have a bumps & babes package where there are complimentary digital images given if you book both maternity & newborn sessions with me!

It takes about a week for me to sort through the best pictures from the newborn session. You can interact with the professional online gallery and mark all your favorites.

I have a range of digital packages as well as luxurious handcrafted albums, professionally printed in the UK and shipped to Dublin

Cara is an internationally published family & natural newborn photographer Dublin with lots of experience & passionate about creating the best family photography Dublin!

I look forward to doing your newborn baby booking!

Cara xx

newborn curled up on blanket, hands clasping face

dad holding newborn girl

mum holding newborn girl by a big window, diffused light

newborn with hands curled on a blanket

mum and dad on sofa with baby girl, newborn at home dublin

natural newborn at home, baby girl curled

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