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Natural Newborn at home. In Black & White.

Updated: Apr 17

Hello I'm Cara & I specialize in natural family photography including newborn at home photography Dublin.

Although I also love to do outdoor family photo shoots, I get many requests for family sessions in the person's own home, & especially when there are younger children, babies & newborns.

Newborn photography is often done within the first couple of weeks of birth when baby is still all curled up. However there is no pressure to have a session within this time frame - whenever you are ready is the right time! When you book your session with me, all I expect of you is to be at home as you are! No frills, fuss free, natural newborn at home. You can read about the benefits of newborn photography at home HERE.

Why Black & White baby & newborn photography?

I include plenty of vintage inspired, natural color portraits in my family galleries. However this post is dedicated to black & white baby & newborn portraits. The black & whites I tend to love mix a few shades of b & w together to create depth & contrast.

Black & white pictures works best where there is plenty of contrast between light & shade.

Low light & high contrast light can make for dramatic portraits. This can be at any time of the day, depending on the quality of light in your home. For instance, in a newborn at home session in Irish Town, there was high contrast light created by day light coming through wood blinds.

You can see more of this newborn session in Irish Town in newborn photography at home in a new light.

mum & dad standing in dramatic hall light cradling newborn in a blanket

Checking the best light in your home.

Pretty light will enhance any family portrait with baby. I love the splashes of light on this sofa with mum & newborn baby girl (below.) The dappled light adds atmosphere. I also love this picture in color.

A typical newborn session means me showing up about 10 minutes early to your session to find the best sources of natural light in your home. I might look at areas by windows. How light bounces off a wall. Or a mirror. Reflection or reflective portraits are interesting, even when the only light source is artificial, such as in this bathroom (below)

dad holding newborn girl in front of bathroom mirror with lights showing her reflection. newborn at home photographer dublin

If you have blinds or curtains I'll simply ask that you pull them wide open to let in the best light! Usually the morning is a good time between 8.30am-10am for indoor baby & newborn pictures. Also if you have young kids, they tend to be in a good mood bright & early after breakfast!

tiny newborn baby girl on a sofa with mum bending over her and gently resting a hand on her head

All the details in black & white

I also love DETAILS. Close up baby hands & feet. Baby feet & hands in adult hands are the best! Also (below) I love how the light on newborn's head reflects so well in black & white.

newborn baby's head in dad's hands with hair catching the light

The editing process for color & black & white.

All my natural newborn photography Dublin galleries are professionally edited for you. I don't do black & white "conversions." All my black & white pictures are edited separately from my color pictures. I check brightness, contrast, temperature. I love to add a bit of glow as it adds glossiness to the edit. Final retouching is done for any blemishes on skin, clothes & background elements.

Newborn sessions: General information

The newborn at home session Dublin is usually 1-1.5 hour. I do have a slice of life documentary family package where I shoot for longer, such as a whole morning or afternoon. A true documentary account of you day. Sleeping, feeding, bathing & generally hanging out with your newborn. I might start at home with you and then we cam go out if you want to a near by park if baby is old enough or you have other kids who need a spell outside in the fresh air!

With this package there is also the possibility to get an album or mounted print box as well as all the digital images from the session. However all my prints & albums are also available a la carte too. I also have a bumps & babes package where there are complimentary digital images given if you book both maternity & newborn sessions with me!

Why go for a newborn at home instead of booking a studio family session?

The short answer is it's easy. You can even stay in PJ's if you'd rather not have to think about what to wear. Actually, PJ's and night robes can be a great wardrobe for at home newborn pictures on the master bed!

Not much time for showers, or slapping on make up? Just drag a comb through your hair. I can ease out tired eyes & blemishes in Photoshop. But don't worry, you will still look really natural & recognizable in my family portraits.

Yes, I include all other family members & pets in a newborn at home shoot.

If you have other kids or pets, of course I include them in the session! I love taking pictures where all family members interact together even the furry ones. (Boy & his Frenchie puppy).

In warmer weather we can also do newborn sessions outside in the park - Just bring a blanket! This newborn session was taken in the autumn in Phoenix Park Dublin. We were at home first and then we took a stroll to the park and took a few shots of newborn baby girl in her bobble hat on dad's lap, above a carpet of autumn leaves.

newborn baby girl in dad's lap over carpet of autumn leaves in phoenix park dublin
Autumn Newborn

Cara is an internationally published family & natural newborn photographer Dublin with lots of experience & passionate about creating the best family photography Dublin!

I look forward to doing your newborn baby booking! Cara Hodge, At Home Newborn Photographer Dublin

For more about my at home newborn photography sessions Dublin, please go here:

I am constantly updating the newborn pictures here! Also for information on my latest newborn & family photography prices please go here:

Cara xx

newborn curled up on blanket, hands clasping face

mum gently touching newborn baby girl's cheeks

dad holding newborn girl. at home natural newborn photography dublin

mum holding newborn girl by a big window, diffused light

natural newborn at home, baby girl curled

dad holding his baby son on lap at home as he feeds him a bottle of milk

mum changing her newborn on bed as newborn laughs

mum and dad holding newborn girl on sofa. at home newborn photographer, Cara Hodge

newborn baby feet, detail of newborn kicking on blanket


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