Holy Cross Christening, Dublin

Christening a beautiful baby boy at Holy Cross Church, Dundrum

Here, the pictures were taken at the alter after the christening as advised by the priest. Time to capture this rite of passage with the family. I made the most of natural moments of connection, as well as traditional family portraits. At the alter & by the beautiful stained glass window. Making the most of the church's natural light & shadow.

mum holding baby at the alter of Holy Cross church Dundrum, for baptism, baby in bow tie

Christening Family Portraits

Pictures at the pew, at the alter, and by the stained glass window. Natural moments mixed in with more traditional pictures

boy hugging mum at alter of church for baptism
baby boy holding on to mum's face at Holy Cross church, Dundrum

Christening & baptism is a rite of passage. A family occasion. Make the most of this special day with traditional portraits & natural moments of connection. Before & after the event. And during if possible....

Christening at Holy Cross Church, Dublin

mum and dad and baby boy in Holy Cross church, Dundrum