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Autumn Christening family portraits before mass in Deer Park, Dublin.

Christening photo shoots Dublin can be before, during, or even after the mass. In this case this gorgeous family wanted the family pictures taken before the mass and at Deer Park by the Church, Christ Church, Deepark.

You can see more Christening photo shoots in Holy Cross church Dundrum and a Greek Orthodox baptism in Stonybatter, Dublin.

As much as I love to photograph families inside the church for the Christening mass, with a more documentary approach, I also love to do natural family portraits before the mass too. In this case, it was a beautiful crisp autumn day. Baby boy looked stunning in his white christening clothes - but also snug & warm inside mum's fur coat!

I have wardrobe tips that I give out before a family session. I always say earth toned colors can look really well in a natural setting, browns, beige, burnt oranges. In addition to this, textures such as fur, sheepskin, suede, leather & natural wool can look great in family, child, baby & newborn portraits - giving a natural mood. You can get more wardrobe tips in my frequently asked questions page!

Autumn is a great time for family photography because of all the stunning autumn color. The natural, russet-brown tones this family wore went so well with the backdrop of golden leaves

baby in christening clothes peeking out of mum's fur coat. christening family portraits outdoors
All Wrapped Up

Here's sweet baby boy laughing as dad peers at him to take a closer look! I love to get catch lights in the eyes for child, baby & newborn portraits (above).

baby in mum's fur coat as dad looks down and smiles, in a tree with fallen autumn leaves. autumn natural family photography. perfect for christmas cards. christmas family photography dublin by cara hodge photography

Much of the time little baby boy was snug in his pram. I made sure to capture him snug in his cozy pram! (below). I love the gold carpet of leaves in the frame!

baby in white christening clothes in pram before mass. autumn christening photo shoots dublin. christening family portraits, outdoors and at home

As well as baby being the star of the show on his special christening day, I wanted to capture the close bond between the family members as well as mum, dad & baby.

The three sisters were laughing together and I wanted to capture their warmth & closeness. I have tips and tricks to make my families relaxed. In this case, I asked them to whisper a secret in each of their ear to capture the humor of the moment...

three sister laughing with heads bent together, wearing formal fur collared coats. christening family portrait photo shoot dublin

This is a favorite (below) of the three sisters together - youngest sister in the white coat in the middle. I love how she is framed by the two other sisters in their luxurious dark fur coats, and, most of all, I wanted to capture...the JOY of the moment!

three sisters together with middle sister in white coat laughing, and 2 sisters in black coats either side. special event and christening photo shoots dublin. autumn christening photo shoot
That's funny!

A precious, natural moment (below) with the god father holding on to his precious bundle!

young man in a suit holding baby in christening clothes in wood with fallen leaves and dappled light
Handle With Care

I like to have a mix of rich, natural color & black & white portraits in my family portrait galleries. I don't do b & w conversions. The black & white family portraits are hand edited from scratch. I like to use a classic, timeless black & white with a slight mat feel.

baby swaddled in mum's fur coat surrouned by family members

This was less of a documentary style photo shoot (unscripted family photography) which would have happened had I captured the mass inside the church as well as the family beforehand, however my aim was to capture candid & natural family portraits.

For example, two photos (below) from inside a Greek Orthodox church with a documentary approach.

baby staring at flickering candle flame inside church at a baptism. golden church light and golden crosses.

At midday there was dappled light and striking highlights & shadows...sometimes it is best to embrace the hard light aspects to a midday photo shoot.

This is an example (below) of a more candid group family portrait with a group under the trees in midday dappled light.

family including gradfather in cap and his children, including his daughter with husband and baby in christening clothes in a wood with trees

The group portrait - I SPY the kissing couple!

family group portrait with couple kissing under dapped light and trees

Aside from baby, this couple really wanted to celebrate their love & affection for each other. I wanted to capture a few romantic moments! I always try to get some couples only pictures in my baby shoots. It's important to show the LOVE that existed before & after baby. (couples, engagement, surprise proposals Dublin).

couple hugging and smiling in suit and elegant fur coat under trees in dappled autumn light

To book your Christening or baptism family portraits please contact me. We can go over what you intend for your special day.

ALSO...Autumn outdoor photo shoots make perfect Christmas cards, as well as Christmas family portrait sessions (Killiney Hill Christmas family photo shoot).

Outdoor Christmas photo shoots including mini's happening now - head over to the Contact page to ask anything or to book a slot. I also have photo shoot vouchers for Christmas gifts.

Have a wonderful week, Cara x


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