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At Home Family Portraits

Updated: May 9, 2023

Here are a selection of emotive family portraits I've been working on this week. More to follow from this series.

I have more to explore with this dramatic kitchen light!

For in home family portraits, it is beyond awesome to have great lighting. In this kitchen there is an abundance of it. Practically bouncing off the walls.

Intense shadows. Intense highlights

Perfect for expressive child pictures. See how great light can really change the features of a portrait, by creating dramatic contrasts of light & shade across the face.

Of course, diffuse light can be wonderful for a more classic portrait. But for expressive environmental child portraits, anything goes. Photography is about story telling and capturing a mood, first & foremost.

The fact he's wearing a simple white vest top means his clothes don't detract from the main storytelling element in these portraits

I love how the blacks & whites of these pictures mirror the shapes of the orchids.

I love the pairing of flowers in my pictures.

Flowers used well can be excellent props, both for indoor & outdoor family photography.

For indoor photo shoots, flowers can be used as backdrops or props for classic child portraits. In outdoor locations, plants, flowers & trees make great seasonal backdrops for family portraits.

For this kitchen series, I have loved using natural vibrant color as well as black & white. Black & white works well for showing the contrast in light. However as the light is so dramatic, color works well in showing the tones in between. Color also works beautifully to show off the golden tones of end of day light.

Golden hour light works well for this family session inside the home. With great window light, I can make wonderful use of golden hour! For family and newborn sessions inside your own home, I always encourage you to leave windows and blinds wide open!

Have a wonderful week, and enjoy the run up to Christmas. My Christmas family sessions are now fully booked.

I will be offering Family & child mini portrait sessions in the New Year.

At home family portraits. In Dublin. Perfect for baby & newborn at home photography. natural newborn portraits with very limited posing here:

All about my family session packages here, and session prices

Cara x

child portrait with orchids in kitchen, dramatic light

family portrait, boy in kitchen combing hair with orchids

intense light and shadow, child portrait in kitchen

at home family portrait with boy and flowers, soft focus

boy leaning across kitchen counter with flowers in foreground

child portrait, boy with orchids, leaning on kitchen counter

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