mum, dad, holding newborn baby between them, background of Phoenix Park

Newborn & Baby

Precious baby & newborn family portraits

Create a family keepsake with your baby's first pictures

Perfect tiny baby feet & hands. First smiles...

Celebrate baby's first milestones. Baby bump photos. First days with your newborn. Baby's first birthday. Family pictures with baby at the heart. Baby photoshoots can be a regular one hour. Or you can go for an extended session.

Newborn sessions are great about two weeks after birth, when baby's limbs are still all curled up. But any time you feel comfortable is also perfect.

Family highlights
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Baby & Newborn Gallery

baby kicking legs in the air, one arm out stretched
baby kicking legs in the air, one arm out stretched

baby in a white onesie kicking legs in the air

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newborn girl on pink blanket
newborn girl on pink blanket

newborn baby girl in a white onesie lying curled on a pink blanket

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back of newborn boy
back of newborn boy

back of newborn baby boy curled up in a white onesie on a bed

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baby kicking legs in the air, one arm out stretched
baby kicking legs in the air, one arm out stretched

baby in a white onesie kicking legs in the air

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Your Baby's First Pictures

baby held by mum, wearing white winter woollens,carpet of yellow leaves

Brand New

Your baby may be brand new or a little older. A newborn still very much at home.Or you may be celebrating baby's first birthday pictures. Or family pictures with your baby and infants or older children.

newborn baby feet on a white coverlet on bed


A cozy home session with no frills. All the details. Baby feet & hands. First smile. Sleeping, bathing, playing. Or perhaps baby is a little older and you would prefer an outdoor session with all the family

mum holding baby son in her arms in Phoenix park, smiling down at him


View your baby's first pictures on a beautiful online gallery. Choose your favorites. All edited. Digital & print. Prints are fine art gallery quality with mat finish. Ask me about a bespoke album or book

close up newborn face
close up newborn at home, with mum, after feeding
newborn girl resting on mum's shoulder, draped blanket
newborn girl holding hands to face, curled fingers

documentary first days at home. In a newborn baby bubble of love. Just you & your new baby hanging out. Sleeping, feeding, smiling, even crying. That's real life. Just as you are. The moments are raw & real, unadorned & naturally gorgeous...

new mother holding baby girl in window light, plush curtains in background
dad holding baby in a onesie, mum in background, soft window light
mum holding baby girl next to a window with a golden curtain
mum holding baby girl as dad hugs his wife and she looks up at him tenderly
newborn baby girl lying on a pink blanket with hands warpped around her face
close up of baby feet, detail in black & white
newborn baby feet crisscrossed, detail of toes, in a white onesie on a pink blanket
black & white, close up image of baby feet

newborn baby girl is delightful, with her hands clasped around her face in a pristine white onesie, toes curling, brand new & sleepy...

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Soft pastel light & soft pastel colours in this newborn at home session with older sister.. Beautiful diffused  light in the room & by the window adds to the gentle scene...

newborn baby boy in a pale blue outfit with little hand curled, on a bed with white linen
newborn baby boy in a white onesie on a beautifully made up bed with white cover
newborn baby boy with hands held to his face on a made up bed with pale green cover
newborn baby boy with hands up by his face, fingers fanning out in the light

newborn baby boy in a pristine white onesie & pastel blue outfit sleeping on a bed, hands clasping his face, feet and legs still curled up....

Newborn at home, blanket, feeding

Cozy at home with precious newborn little girl

dad holding newborn baby in a woollen hat on his lap, showing wedding band
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How do I love you? In a million little ways

All the details. Baby feet & hands. Fine art prints, books, albums

baby hand in adult hand, blue blanket in the background
baby portrait, hand holding, park, tree

Celebrating baby boy in a Dublin park. No fuss. Just a beautiful family, just as you are     more >

close up of baby boy chewing on his hand and mum's hands with wedding band holding him, catch lights in baby's blue eyes
baby boy in blue held by mum, smiling, hair hanging down, with maize in the background
baby fine art book, pastel cover

Baby & newborn keepsake

So you've finished your baby or newborn photoshoot, so now what happens?

It takes about a week to go through the favorite baby pictures & showcase them in a gorgeous online gallery with personalized cover

You can choose a digital package or prints.

Also fine art books & matted albums are handmade & shipped to Dublin.


Engraved print boxes with mounted prints also available, and you can add your other special occasion pictures as baby grows up.

You can find out more about my process in What To Expect >

mum, dad, smiling, holding baby, winter portrait
baby, smile, close up

 Beautiful family connection. With a new baby in a wintry Dublin park

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black & white portrait, baby, laughter


A feeling with no beginning & no end

baby swung by mum into the air, both in bobble hats, autumn trees in a park
dad holding newborn son in his arms, cupping his head, background of long wild yellow grass in Phoenix Park

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daddy with his finger on newborn baby girl's little nose

Baby in B & W

Online galleries include gorgeous black & white conversions. Mat & sheen gallery quality printing