Oh, Baby! & Newborn

Precious baby & newborn family portraits

Create a family heirloom with your baby's first pictures

Little chubby wrists and feet. Gurgles & smiles

In some ways babies make family photography easy-going. How on earth?

Everything revolves around baby. Everyone is looking at her. Mum & dad can't take their eyes off him.  Brothers & sisters too.  Grandpa & grandma.

The connection is real & palpable. Pure & effortless. 100 % genuine. After all, there is no posing where baby is concerned. Ever!

An hour of baby & newborn photography can pass in the bat of an eye. A change of a nappy. Plenty of opportunities for capturing the details such as perfect tiny baby feet. The first smile!

My Dublin baby photoshoots can be part of my regular family & lifestyle photography packages.
See some more examples here

My Fly On The Wall documentary style photoshoots, including baby & newborn photography, are a bit longer if you want to record real life around your home. Bathing, napping, playing, meal times, and everything in between. Have a look here, Cara


mother holding baby boy
three month old baby holding a teddy bear

Baby & newborn keepsake

So you've finished your baby photoshoot, so now what?

It takes about a week to sort through the favourite pictures from the photoshoot & showcase them to you in an online gallery

You can find out more about my process in What To Expect.

Your favorite baby & newborn pictures can be printed, museum quality on gorgeous mat or sheen finish

Classic black & white. Natural vibrant color

Or I can do a bespoke first baby album for you

There is the option for you to keep your favorite digitals

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black & white portrait of a three month old baby held in his mother's arms
mother holding baby girl with an autumn backdrop
young woman holding a baby in the air on a summer day


A feeling with no beginning & no end