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At home newborn photography, Dublin. In a new light.

Updated: May 11, 2023

Many first time mums & dads say they chose me as their newborn photographer because they didn't want posed newborn photos. They wanted their newborn baby to look natural, and to be in natural looking positions.

I am a fan of all types of newborn & family photography. I appreciate the posed portraits as much as the natural documentary style ones. However, there are times when you want to remember your newborn just as she was. Perfectly imperfect.

The slightly blotchy, sensitive newborn skin. It shows how NEW your newborn truly is! The way your newborn is still all curled up. Everything seems curled, feet, legs, arms & hands. Little fingers reaching out for mum's hair...these are the gestures that you want to remember!

Although baby can look divide wrapped in a blanket, sometimes you want to capture all the movements. The little kicks & punches, just as she was in the womb just a couple of weeks ago...

Here is a lovely documentary at home newborn photography session, Dublin. With some beautiful natural newborn baby girl portraits by soft window light, and also resting on the master bed.

mum and dad on master bed clasping newborn girls fingers on master bed with gentle light illuminating her tiny fingers. at home newborn photographer in Dublin by Cara Hodge

Newborn portraits at home Dublin, look great on the master bed. I simply ask that you clear clutter either side of the bed, draw up the blinds or open wide the curtains. Making up the bed is ideal as it's the perfect soft backdrop for baby!


There is something about soft, diffused daylight that will be flattering for newborn at home photography.

Here is another session where I captured baby girl & her baby brother at home on the sofa, and later on, on the master bed. I include all family members when I do an at home newborn photography session in Dublin. Including the furry ones!!

newborn girl with mum and dad on sofa in soft window light with small brother leaning across so we can see his curly hair, as he leans in for a kiss. at home newborn photography dublin

I usually try and schedule at home newborn photography Dublin, at around 10 am. I find families, just waking up for the day, are most refreshed. Also, often there are older siblings to consider. If you have smaller children in your family -and not just your newborn - morning is usually a good time for them too.

However, there is no need to be completely "on form" either. The thing about natural newborn at home pictures is that I want to capture your morning as honestly as possible. That means the laughter as well as the tears, even the tantrums. I want you to be able to look back at the snapshot of your life in years to come and recognize it. Yep, that was us!

The wonderful thing about at home newborn & family photography sessions, is it is much less to think about for first time parents. No need to "get ready" and rush to a studio. I come to you! Although I offer tips to prepare, I really just want my families to feel comfortable. I don't expect a picture perfect house (whatever that means). You can stay in your PJ's or something relaxed & comfy. THERE ARE NO EXPECTATIONS (...phew!...and I really mean that...)

Truly lovely newborn family portraits arise naturally because of the connection (THE LOVE) between you all as you bond with your baby.

The rooms of the house, as messy and unruly as they can be, are the mise en scene. That's the bit that shows the authenticity of life at home with a newborn baby.

With that said, dramatic window light or other sources of light can really add to an impactful, dramatic newborn session where the surroundings add to the emotion of the pictures. Here is a recent favorite. The full story from this very blog post here!

mum and dad kissing newborn baby girl on head in front of window and open blinds at home dublin. soft beige tones and light for a harmonious picture that seems biblical in the adoration of newborn baby

I have three popular packages that are available on my website here. I include a package with a handcrafted album designed by professional album designers especially for professional lifestyle & family photographers.

handcrafted album stacked on a chair with a dried golden flower resting on the cover. to show Cara Hodge at home newborn photographer beautiful, professionally designed albums. also for at home newborn photography sessions in Dublin. to showcase your best newborn pictures.

Newborn at home photography Dublin is particularly good for families with small children. Documentary family photography is all about capturing the truth of day to day moments. A slice of life. Or as I sometimes call it "Fly On The Wall". There are times when you can't beat the simplicity & power of a timeless black & white picture too...

natural newborn photography portrait with mum and dad perched on edge of master bed resting their foreheads together as they hold newborn baby boy between them. natural doscumentary at home newborn photography. by Cara Hodge

As much as I like to capture moments as they come up naturally with limited posing, I still do like classic family, child, baby & newborn portraits. By "classic" I mean, face to the camera, environmental portraits, capturing genuine expressions & gestures. However they may be slightly posed in that I take into consideration the environment, attractive backdrops and good light. I make the most of what I see right in front of me. These are family & newborn portraits that you can't wait to put in a frame so you can see them every day. You can see a mix of classic baby & newborn portraits on my main page here:

To find out more about my newborn at home sessions, you can contact me directly. I am happy to answer any questions you may have!

Have a lovely week, Cara

newborn at home portrait with mum gently touching newborn daughter's face as she sleeps

mum holding newborn girl on sofa at home dublin. for cara hodge at home newborn photography dublin

mum leaning over to caress sleeping newborn daughter on sofa with dappled light

newborn wrapped in white blanket sleeping on colorful sofa

newborn girl at home on mum and dads bed stretching

mum smiling at newborn baby sleeping on sofa. at home newborn photography dublin

mum and dad hugging by window with newborn girl in mums arms

dad holding newborn daughter, detail of her head with hair. at home newborn photography dublin


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