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Black & White Mood. Boy Portraits

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Here are a few pictures that I have edited since returning to Dublin from France.

There were some genuine moments of connection where my son was just playing about in the meadow in front of the house. There, in the meadow, is an old fig tree that actually produces a lot of green figs every year.

The tree was also a quiet resting place for my son.

A place to lay his head. With the sun beating down it provided just enough shade for him to recover in.

Other times, my exhausted child just lay on the grass. All tired out from the long hot day. I have a series of fig tree pictures and "exhausted child" pictures, still to go through!

I love sleeping child & baby pictures. There is a sense of peace & calm around a sleeping child which contrasts so well with the hectic chaos that is usually life with small children. With family photography Dublin, I love to capture a variety of moods in my child & family portraits

I love a black & white portrait for its evocative mood. Drama distilled to pure simple elements. Light & shade, composition, storytelling. Black & white child photography and portraits are dependent on having enough contrast of light & shade in the frame to avoid a flat wash of greys.

Where there isn't enough contrast, or the light is too evenly diffused, color usually works much better instead.

As the sun starts to sink and the shadows lengthen, I'm more likely to get dramatic contrasts of light. I can also make the use of the shade that a tree provides to pop the highlights out of the darks.

For Dublin family photo shoots, and specifically child & family portraits, the autumn light is particularly beautiful in Dublin at the moment!

As the golden-hour is getting earlier by the day, there is plenty of available dramatic lighting.

The light on the sea at Seapoint is amazing, even in the late morning.

I can't wait to get down to the sea for some more lifestyle & family photo shoots Dublin soon.

I hope you enjoy these black & white portraits. Summer feels a long way away now. But the memories linger on. For your family session or natural newborn at home, please contact me to book. Many options to choose from. Packages with digitals & print packages are available including with albums & luxury print products

Many of my child & family pictures have been shown in Iconic artist magazine, best of child & fashion photography

Now offering mini 30 minute family photography sessions Dublin, in my local way. A great way to make professional family photography Dublin affordable for everyone

Cara x

child sleeping in a meadow

boy walking along wall, sky full of birds

family portrait, two sisters playing in a wild garden

award winning portrait of a boy covered in slugs, seated in arms chair, shown in iconic magazine, milan best of child photography

award winning picture of a boy holding ornamant

award winning family portrait of a boy in a tree in france


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