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Summer family photography. River stories

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Holiday family photography. The unscripted, fun moments. When the day feels like it is lasting forever. The eternal summer...

My son and a rope swing. This is summer at its best!

River swimming happens at all times of the day in various locations. A fave place has a rope swing in a sheltered woody spot.

He loved to climb the nearby trees and hurl himself into the fast flowing water. Higher and faster with each swing. Since his twice weekly swim lessons back in Dublin, he can cope well in the water.

After a year of restrictions, this is what summer is all about. Feeling free at last. Childhood unplugged..!

Summer family sessions are some of my faves. Everyone is in a good mood, the sun is out

The only drawback is there is a late golden hour. The light can be harsh in midday. Sometimes it pays to be patient and wait till the last of the golden rays for softer light!

Here we went to the river when the sun was still blazing.

Welcome to family photography in hard light!

That's hard shadows and highlights. It can make the pictures look flat. Known as the least flattering light for family portraits!

With that said, as a professional photographer it is really important to shoot in ALL types of NATURAL light. I might have my favorite lighting, but that doesn't mean I can't adapt

The river here makes the light even more intense - all that light bouncing off the water!!

If your family photography Dublin sessions has to be at 12 noon, I will make it work. Also look for the shade of trees or buildings to soften the glare

Otherwise EMBRACE the stark shadows and highlights! There can be a hidden gem to all lighting situations

The most important thing about any family session, is the interaction. The connection. The action! I love to take natural pictures of children and families just being themselves. happy, sad. Everything in between!

I can't wait to process ALL my favorite pictures from summer!

I can't wait to get back to Dublin tomorrow and meet some more lovely families for my family photo shoots Dublin.

But for now, making the most of family moments while its still summer here and the sun is shining.

Time for an ice-cream, je pense...

To book your family session contact me. I also love to do natural newborn at home photography Dublin. Couples, engagement, maternity photo shoots Dublin. Baby & newborn. Child & family. Special occasions like Communions, baptism & christening, birthdays & anniversaries.

Including natural, fly on the wall documentary family photography Dublin.

A slice of your dad to day, captured as you go about your daily routine with your children

Choose a location you love. Outside or at home. All natural light. I have a variety of packages to choose from that include fully edited pictures as well as prints, and luxury print products. Including handcrafted albums. Gift vouchers available!

Cara x

family portrait with boy on rope swing

family portrait with dad and son by river, towelling off

family portrait , boy about to jump in water from swing

family portrait with dad and boy by river, swimming

boy splashing in river

boy shivering after river swim, family portrait

boy jumping in river, swinging in to the river

award winnig family portrait, dad and son towelling off afer river swim

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