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Family Photography Dublin. With the dads

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Here's a celebration of the DAD'S on my family photography Dublin sessions!

There are so many times on my family sessions that I want to thank the dads for being AMAZING. Also in my newborn at home sessions in Dublin they are brilliant at helping to produce beautiful family portraits with baby to treasure!

dad cradling newborn baby girl as mum looks on and gently touches newborn girl's face. at home natural newborn photography dublin. best newborn photography moments captured in the comfort of your own home

For more on this Dublin photo shoot, at home newborn photography Dublin, with mum & dad and newborn baby girl in Irishtown, Dublin, please go HERE

Might be obvious. But still worth looking at why dads make family photography sessions so special!

Often mu's book the family session. (Not always, of course, but often!) They are the ones that look up the photographers, get the prices, make a a decision on who to book

They tend to be more invested AT THE START with the booking of a family session.

However in my experience dads are very keen to get beautiful family pictures & they understand the importance of family keepsakes.

Time & again, on family photo shoots Dublin, dad's come into their own. They are essential in the smooth running of the session. They often jump in, help to calm & soothe a disgruntled toddler. Play with the older children so I can have family portraits with mum & newborn...

They are also very KEEN to have alone time with the baby, newborn or other children! Dad and baby portraits are a focus on my family photography sessions Dublin. I like to do pictures of all the family. Then focus on both mum ad dad together, and also individually with their children. In my family gallery I try to get an even spread of family member combinations! I also love to take portraits of babies & children individually. Here is a favorite picture I like to take on newborn sessions with dad's strong hands cupping newborn baby's head. I love it when the hair on the head is in sharp focus but the background falls away into soft focus

dads strong hands cupping newborn baby girl's head with hair in focus and background including dads head in softer focus. for cara hodge, newborn and family photographer dublin. for natural newborn at home photography dublin

The bond between dad & their family is obvious & very strong. I LOVE to see the natural connection dad's have with their babies. In the first weeks of life, newborn & baby are very much more attached physically to mum. They have to be fed, often breast fed. Mum often is more physically present. However, dad's also love to snuggle with their babies & kids and obviously display tons of tenderness! Also, play tons of games...particularly with their older children...

dad snuggling with his toddler son on the master bed in front of big bedroom window with natural light. for cara hodge, at hone newborn & family photography dublin. including natural child, family & newborn photography

For more on this at home family & newborn photography session Dublin, with all the family including the cat (!), please go HERE

Dad's definitely like to look good on the family photography sessions. (Although I want to point out that there is absolutely no pressure to perform on my family sessions. It is fine to dress super casual. Ripped jeans, shirt, whatever you fee comfortable in.) A family session is all about you celebrating who you are. If you're not a dress up family than don't do it!

dad leading his daughter by the hand across sand dunes overlooking the sea. young daughter in communion gown and dad in a suit. for natural communion photography dublin by cara hodge photography.

I loved this "dressy uppy" Holy Communion family photography Dublin session where dad led his little girl in a pristine communion dress over the sand dunes overlooking the sea in Howth. Natural, joy filled moments HERE

toddler girl with grass stained jeans playing with a pine cone as she sits on dads shoulders. dad looking up at the trees in killiney woods. natural family photography dublin session by cara hodge

By contrast, a recent favorite family photography Dublin session in Killiney Hill. For Christmas celebrations with extended family. Grandad, uncles & dads! Here, there were lots of grass stained jeans in this very relaxed family session. Just jeans and jackets and fun filled, casual vibes. See more of this adorable Christmas family photography Dublin session HERE

To book your Dublin family photography session please send me a message at the Contacts page.

I have three essential family photography Dublin packages which you can see HERE

Now instead of picking and choosing your favorite images from our time together, I give you all the best moments, carefully hand edited & retouched for blemishes. A mixture of rich, vibrant color and classic black & white.

These fully edited digital images can be downloaded straight from the gallery. I send information about the professional printers I use for my own family pictures. They include a luxurious mat finish. I also offer family photo shoots Dublin exclusively to make a handcrafted family album keepsake!

I offer standard as well as mini & extended documentary family photography sessions as well. I cover special milestones including Communion portraits, baptism & christening, engagement, maternity, graduation, debs & birthday celebrations. Also just your every day ordinary moments are the best to treasure forever!

I am a professional, award winning photographer. Internationally published & with over 10 years experience photographing babies, children & families!

So here is a post celebrating family portraits with dads only. More to add soon from my latest family photo shoots Dublin here on the BLOG!

More about what to expect from, and how to prepare for, your family photography Dublin session here:

And what others have to say about a family session with me here

Have a fantastic week, Cara xx

dad kissing baby son's toes in Blackrock family photography session

dad in white shirt lifting son out of chair in matching white shirt

girl in communion gown hugging dad in a suit. for at home natural communion photography by cara hodge

family portrait with dad watching son dry off after river swim

little girl giving dad a pine comb, outdoor family photography dublin session in woods. for cara hodge, natural family photographer dublin

grandfather walking baby girl over log in killiney wood, christmas family photography session dublin

natural newborn session at home dublin with dad cradling newborn girl in soft window light

family portrait with dad swinging his son upside down for natural family photography session dublin, christmas family photo shoot dublin

dad about to throw son into the sea, golden hour light family portrait

at home family & newborn photography session, dad feeding baby son a bottle of milk

dad cradling his baby girl on master bed with soft window light dublin

dad throwing son high into the waves of the sea


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