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Boyhood family photography. Capture the journey

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

A lot of my photographic journey has been about boyhood.

Since I started in Abu Dhabi photographing my son when he was a baby until now, capturing the transitions & stages of his life

Many of my award winning family & lifestyle pictures have been about him growing up from 18 months to now - now, that he is on the cusp of being a teenager!

At the start the pictures were pure lifestyle. Chasing him around the garden in Abu Dhabi. Being the keen observer. Having to be patient until the right moment. Taking part in fly by the seat of your pants action family photography!

Now things have calmed down a lot! Our pictures are more portraiture. I take pictures of him less often, only when he's in the mood. Many of my child boyhood portraits have recently been shown in Iconic artist magazine, Milan. He's older now. A sitting or more staged quirky portrait is our go to picture

When he was small, I was always with my camera, every evening around sun down.

It was the only way I could improve family photography every day. The 365 day projects are popular as they encourage one photo a day. Although I didn't take part in this project myself, photography is definitely about lots of practice! Learning as you go.

Also I improved my skills by doing master classes. Photography courses online with some amazing, award winning & internationally published photography teachers!

I have now been taking pictures of families and children for over 10 years

As well as my son, I have documented my sister's children every summer in the same way. Camera in hand. Having fun when they are having fun. Capturing their personalities in the most unique way I can

My children have been photographed primarily at home, especially in the garden when we lived in Abu Dhabi. Also abroad on holiday in Sri-Lanka, Vietnam, England, France. Now our home is in Dublin, Ireland. I take a lot of indoor pictures primarily since my children are grown but I adore natural light, at home portraits

Fun-filled family moments to treasure.

I have a few black & white portraits of my son straight from the archives here. Many have won awards at International child photo competition, best of black & white child photography. In the family photography & child portrait category

Also I have pictures of a family photo shoot I did back in November with my lovely nephew in England. I adore the splash of red in these pictures as they remind me of what a happy spark of life & love he is!

I have set up a family Highlights page on this website for all the most memorable moments so far, taken from family photography Dublin sessions. Stand out moments from family, baby & newborn sessions here. I specialize in natural newborn pictures too. At home newborn photography Dublin. Fuss free, no frills baby & newborn

I do a mix of spontaneous storytelling & timeless child & family portraits. That's me following the action naturally with my camera. Limited interruptions...But also, some staging for more traditional family & group family portraits

To book your family, baby or newborn photography Dublin, please contact me. I also love to do communion family portraits Dublin. Have a wonderful week!

boy in red coat portrait

family portrait with dad playing with son in ocean

award winning portrait of boy with wine glass

award winning boy portrait with boy and foam beard

boy hanging from tree, professionally published

boy stuffing face with spaghetti straight from pan

family seated portrait, two brothers

child award winning portrait, messing about with frame

little boy sleeping on fence post

boy in tree

group family pictures with boys climbing gate

award winning family portraiit with boy walking in sun set light with ravens


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