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Lock down portraits of Florence.

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Florence over the past couple of years. Through lock down, at home and outdoors. All natural light

A few portraits of my lovely girl since we left Abu Dhabi & moved to Dublin. We usually do quick mini family photo shoots inside the home or outside, in a nearby location. When the mood takes us.

I can't wait to gather the best pictures of my kids and show them off in a handcrafted leather album. I have printed many of my faves on mat - but there is always so many awaiting printing.

`Florence used to be self conscious in front of the camera, as many teens are. In the age of social media & Instagram there is so much competition to "look good", "look cool". To have the "perfect shot"

Even if it's the perfect short "when I'm not even trying", candid sort of shot!

I think attitudes are changing though, and there is more backlash against perfection.

Still, the wonderful thing about proper big girl camera photos is they won't be low resolution stuck on your camera forever. These pictures are all high res and can be printed. Framed any size. For a console frame or a big wall hanging professional print.

(I use a gallery quality, fine art printers in Dublin) for all my family photo printing

I love to take seasonal portraits of my daughter. Spring, summer, autumn & winter all have different light. And no day at the same location is the same!

As you can see, with Florence in her panda slippers in the garden, there is no expectation to dress up on my family photography sessions Dublin.

Although you absolutely can too! (Florence looks really good in her new white trench coat under the spring blossom)

However, there is no expectation on my family or lifestyle photography sessions except to turn up and be yourself!

That said I absolutely do give out wardrobe tips to families, and also for at home newborn photography sessions as well.

Just to give you some prep advice if you want it. To feel you've had the choice!

I am a professional, experienced family photographer Dublin. Over 10 years expertise photographing families as well as special occasions. I love to do environmental child & family portraits where the choice of location says a lot about the person's character. I also love to take pictures of older children & teenagers as part of my family photography. And newborn at home in the first weeks after birth, when you and your new baby are in a precious bubble away from the outside world!

Contact me to arrange your lifestyle, family or newborn session & have a lovely week!

Cara xx

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