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Fly On The Wall. Best documentary family pictures

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

I have a new page on my website. It's Fly On The Wall: documentary child & family photography Dublin.

Here are some of my favorite documentary lifestyle photographs of my son.

These are my personal, award winning pics!

I love these because they captured something real & unscripted. The way he looked so confident carrying the old picture frame. The sheer fun he was having in the Lego bath with his much loved kitten. The moment his cat caught the mouse and it happened so fast, I didn't notice the mouse in the corner of the frame till after.

Or the moment he hung from a branch in France (...moments later he would be stung by a wasp).

Some of my child portraits are more staged, but these are REAL because they all happened spontaneously.

I was just there to click the shutter button

Fly On The Wall is usually a more extended family session. I come to your home & record your day. The essentials. Eating, napping, playing, and everything in between. There is no posing required!

Perfect for younger children, including baby & newborn photography Dublin.

My favorite photographs tend to capture the in between moments of life. This is where the authenticity of the moment resides. Unguarded & fleeting.

I love black & white & color, but my real favorite is black & white. I am PASSIONATE about black & white emotive child portraits

That's because the picture is pure storytelling.

In some ways black & white is a representation of life more vivid than color.

The purity of a moment is captured in the emotion.

Black & white endures, represents time frozen to what is most important. Most vital.

Aside, from working on my Fly On The Wall documentary family photography page here on my website, I did an engagement photo shoot at Seapoint this week. It was wonderful to take my lovely couple to the beach as the sun was setting at golden hour. Could just about see the Dublin towers way off in the background. The rocks in at low tide made perfect places to rest & relax. The sun is setting later and later so golden hour will really be very late in the coming weeks. Summer photo shoots well into the evening! More to follow soon!

To see more of my client family photography Dublin, please see the family Highlights page of my website here. Contact me to arrange your documentary Fly On The Wall or slice of life session

Have a good week,

Cara x

award winning child portrait, boy hanging upside down from tree

award winning child portrait, boy looking through frame

award winning family portrait with boy in bath with cat

award winning child portrait, 5th place nothing is better than real life. Boy at table with family

award winning family portrait with boy watching a cat catch a mouse

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