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Summer Photo shoot. Meadow girl

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Here are pictures of my gorgeous girl taken this summer on holiday

I love how this particular meadow looks slightly different each year.

Before hay cutting, the grass is long and strewn with wildflowers.

Since artificial fertilizer isn't used, the flowers grow tall and in abundance

There are many bugs to show for it!

In all scenarios & seasons, this meadow has been a popular spot for family portraits on holiday. Summer family pictures of my own daughter!

This session I did of my own daughter, shows how things don't have to be dressy. On the contrary, teenager pictures can be very low key. In a natural environment it's fine to go bare foot. Here she has on an old cotton dress from the market. Also an old hat we've had in the house for years

What matters is that when she's relaxed, the pictures flow. The trick to photographing teenagers is to make them feel comfortable in their own skin. I find they can love to have their picture taken when there is no pressure to perform. Or pose stiffly.

Then she can take the lead & we can all enjoy the peace of a summer evening together. It just happens that I will be clicking the shutter button, trying to capture moments of authentic expression

I have family & lifestyle packages Dublin that include beautifully edited digital as well as handcrafted print products

There is nothing like holding your favorite pictures in your hand. Framing them with care. In these days of social media & Instagram - an image that you can hold in your hand. Frame & put on a wall

I have mounted gift boxes that are made with care in Yorkshire, U.K. Available as part of a package or a la carte. These are professional grade prints mounted on card & placed in a box. Exquisite presentation. Also fine art books & matted albums.

All digital packages include a link to gallery quality printers

For debs or graduation photography in Dublin, please contact me for more info. Taking pictures of your teenager or recent grad can be super dressy before, after or during the ceremony. Or you can go for a super relaxed session at any time.

These pictures here are relaxed and fun. Nothing dressy. Just her

Bye for now & have a lovely week

Cara xxx

girl holding a sun hat

girl in a meadow with hard light

young woman in golden hour summer light holding a vintage teddy

girl in cotton sun dress in a meadow

young woman in cotton dress surrounded by tall white flowers

young woman sitting in a meadow filled with flowers

young woman holding on to her sun hat

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