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Sri Lanka Family Portraits (...the second half...)

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

Holiday family portraits

Sri-Lanka...I posted on this magical place earlier this week

The color I associate most with Sri-Lanka is gold. The earth has a gold tone, the sand is golden. The sunset are...yep, you've guessed it...golden.

(The light on water is also very golden)

Nature is everywhere in Sri-Lanka - and I hope it stays that way.

The jungles are so mysterious and beautiful, and so too are the beaches.

The sea is often dynamic with big waves to really splash about in

It's a great family holiday, and I dream of going back.

My son loved to play in the surf for hours, and by the pool.

It was a bit of a challenge to keep up with him with my camera as he was very active (unsurprisingly).

Lifestyle family photography can happen so fast, it's a challenge to keep up.

The moment itself trumps everything else - composition, light, any technical elements you can think of really. There isn't always time to fiddle with camera settings. Fly on the wall, fly by the seat of your pants type of photography - can be quite challenging.

See my Fly On The Wall page for real life family photography Dublin

However, the challenge can be worth it.

Spontaneous moments often make the best kind of emotive family photography.

When I look back on these exotic holiday pictures, I remember a time that is precious and won't occur again.

It's obvious in theory, but looking at these pictures, I feel a sort of spine tingling realization. That time can be at once so near and so far. A time when you remember the sounds and smells and tastes as if they were only yesterday. However, despite being able to conjure back the senses, the moment is passed. It is a realization, especially during long winter months in the dark, to try and make the most of our days.

If you're in Dublin on your holiday, contact me for your holiday pictures. More to show of my family photography Dublin on my family Highlights page where I photograph families on location in natural light. Or at home. Included is newborn at home. Natural candid moments with your new baby

I am an award winning photographer Dublin available for occasions big, small & really very tiny. Simple moments are sometimes the ones I end up treasuring the most.

Contact me to book your family session, Cara xx

family portrait with boy throwing cushions in a hotel

child portrait, boy throwing sand on beach into waves

boy throwing paper airplane on bed

boy walking along wall with crows and ravens flying, award winning child portrait

boy jumping high over waves, sunset family portrait

boy coming out of the sea, golden light

shillouette of man throwing his son in to the sea to play, family portrait

family portrait with dad and son playing in ocean

building in rich gold sunset

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