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Straw Hat Summer!

Well, settling back into a new school year this week in Dublin. And it feels so...positive. I just love the vibe here at the moment. It's upbeat, vibrant. We are all feeling just a bit luckier to have the world back again. It has been tough with some major upheavals but we are navigating back to more than just normality. Something different, somehow, but good.

We've been sea swimming this week too at Seapoint, Dublin, and it still feels like summer here. I love it when summer draws to a lazy close before the crisp days of Autumn are upon us.

So excited that the children might have an uninterrupted school year, where they can play outside after school in the park, resume fun activities. My daughter is still waiting for her visa for the US and school over there. But there is hope it will happen soon, and if not, it will happen at some point in the near future.

There are loose ends still need to be tied - and that's why I was so thankful to get away for summer. In France, it felt like a million miles away from some of the problems of last year. It was a straw hat, lazy kind of summer for those weeks we were there...

I made the most of portraits of my children in the meadow in front of the house. I am still going through some of my favorites to share. I love the end of the day summer light in France. Golden hour was more like a blaze. A fiery spotlight under the old oak tree where we did some portraits. As the light was so naturally golden, I don't want to play with the colour too much. These colors are pretty much straight out of camera

Aside from my personal pictures, I've been busy working on my lifestyle & family packages for this fall. I love my digital packages that come with a link to the fine art printers I use for gorgeous prints on either a mat or slight sheen finish. I'm also printing my own personal fave pictures to put in an album. I have my eye on some gorgeous Italian leather albums that come in an assortment of beautiful colors. I'm going to order one to see how many pictures I can fit per page.

For the meantime, here are some first summer portraits of my lovelies...

Have a beautiful week

Cara x

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