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Family Portraits. Straw Hat Summer!

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

I was so thankful to get away for summer.

It was a straw hat, lazy kind of summer for those weeks we were there...

I made the most of family portraits of my own children in the meadow in front of the house.

I am still going through some of my favorites to share.

I love the end of the day summer light. Golden hour is more like a blaze.

A fiery spotlight under the old oak tree where we did some child portraits.

As the light was so naturally golden, I don't want to play with the color too much in the editing. These colors are pretty much straight out of camera

Aside from my personal pictures, I've been busy working on my lifestyle & family packages for this autumn in Dublin.

As a family photographer Dublin, autumn is one of the best seasons for family photo shoots around Dublin. Dublin parks really come into their own that time of year, being able to the make the most of an earlier golden hour

Autumn colors provide beautiful backdrops for child & family portraits. We can take a stroll around a place you love best and see what unfolds naturally in front of the camera

I love a mix of black & white and color in my family galleries. Black & white works particularly well in low light situations, either at home or on location

When there is a good contrast between highlights & lowlights

I'm also printing my own personal fave pictures to put into my own album. I have my eye on some gorgeous leather albums that come in an assortment of beautiful colors.

For the meantime, here are some first summer portraits of my lovelies...

I am set to make the most of summer light for a few weeks longer!

To see more of my lifestyle & family photography Dublin have a look at my Family Highlights page here

Have a beautiful week

Cara xxx

award winning child portrait of boy in a fig tree

older daughter with hands outstretched in intense golden light

close up of older sister smiling

black & white child portrait of older sister and younger brother hugging

older sister portrait with sun hat on the ground

smiling young woman in meadow

black & white portrait of young woman with intense shadow

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