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Family summer photo shoot. Bond between brother & sister

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

Here are a few more pictures from summer in France on the blog this week

In the meadow to photograph brother & sister. My own children

These two have such a precious, loving bond.

During the pandemic my son was so happy his sister could be home with him as she was doing school online.

Through at times a difficult, tumultuous year, they were there for each other!

They have always been close, and because of the 10 year age gap, my daughter has always taken good care of him.

I really wanted to capture their close connection in this spontaneous mini family photo shoot. As ever, my son will concentrate on pictures for a limited time only, so I have to be quick!

I took pictures of them individually as well as together. I love the child portraits of my son in the old fig tree!

Here my son was recovering from flu and was a bit weary and low energy. So I knew he would look tired and somehow more vulnerable in these pictures. In some ways this emphasizes the care his sister has for him...

This is a series I would definitely love to keep working on.

I love hands and how expressive they can be conveying emotion, particularly here where they are wrapped around each other.

As ever, I love a soulful classic black & white child & family portrait. The light in the meadow is quite hazy and soft, although it was very near sundown...

As a family photographer Dublin, I love to make the most of the loving connection. between family members.

As well as the obvious moments of connection when you are laughing, playing and smiling in the frame, I love to make the most of the in between moments as well. These are the moments that naturally arise in a family photo shoot. When the hugs are all natural with no prompting from me

As well as joy, there are so many other expressions that makes a parent instantly recognize their own child.

Tired or cranky toddler, anyone?

I love expressive child portraits that tell the story of your child. That capture their personality in a unique way. These are the authentic, natural family pictures that tug on the heart strings, that you look back on over the years

As well as beautifully edited digital images, I highly recommend you printing the best family pictures.

There is nothing like a picture that you can hold in your hand

That you can treasure, forever

All sizes of print for your wall mounted frame, or console. Or showcase your favorite family moments in a beautiful handcrafted album

All my family photo shoots Dublin are on location. Natural family photography is the best!

At home or in a place you love. 100 percent natural light. We can take a stroll in a favorite place and photograph your family in a park or beach setting. Families with newborns can be done in the comfort of your own home

Just open the curtains and let in the light!

Family photographer Dublin. Contact me to find out more about my family portraits sessions.

Now including mini sessions in my local area around Blackrock Dublin! Seapoint is very close by as well as several parks & gardens

All the best pictures from your family session are edited and showcased in a beautiful online gallery

In the meantime, have a lovely week everyone, Cara xxx

child portrait, brother & sister hugging

family portrait showing boy lying in a fig tree

young woman in a pink dress with arms across face

family portrait showing brother and sister hugging

child portrait of boy lying in a tree

close up portrait of boy lying in a branch

family portrait with boy hanging upside down from tree branch

young woman kneeling in summer meadow with strong golden sunlight

young woman holding sun hat, family portrait

young woman in sunlit meadow with her brother, family portrait session

black & white portrait of older sister

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