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Summer feels in Autumn

Here are a few more pictures from summer in France on the blog this week

Mid dinner I escaped to the meadow to photograph my son & daughter. Brother & sister. These two have such a precious, loving bond. During the pandemic my son was so happy his sister could be home with him as she was doing school online.

Through at times a difficult, tumultuous year, they were there for each other.

They have always been close, and because of the 10 year age gap, my daughter has always taken good care of him. At times motherly but always, eternally, sisterly

I really wanted to capture their close connection in this spontaneous quick family photoshoot. As ever, my son will concentrate on pictures for a limited time only, so I have to be quick!

Also, my son was recovering from flu and was a bit weary and low energy, so I knew he would look tired and somehow more vulnerable in these pictures. In some ways this emphasizes the care she has for him...

This is a series I would definitely love to keep working on. I love hands and how expressive they can be conveying emotion, particularly here where they are wrapped around each other.

I have more of the two of them to post, but added an individual portrait of each here too.

As ever, I love a soulful classic black & white. The light in the meadow is quite hazy and soft, although it was very near sundown...

I am in England for a break with my sister, and my nieces & nephews. I am looking forward to capture some family portraits this week. My youngest niece has grown into such an expressive & bonny little three year old too. I can't wait to capture her in some individual portraits this year in the garden. I am on the lookout for a little outfit that will match her personality.

In the meantime, have a lovely week everyone, Cara x

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