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Pink dress. Dublin Beach Photoshoot.

Updated: Jan 15, 2023


The height of summer, a heat wave in Dublin

The perfect time of year for a beach photo shoot, bare foot in the sand

I love the pastel mood of this lifestyle photo shoot. Everything soft & feminine. A floating candy floss pink dress is a classic for creating this dreamy romantic mood. The stillness of the water and the peace of the blue sky with barely a cloud, adds to the feeling of calm

I love the hat too! Hats provide a great focal point. A bold circle against the horizontal line of the horizon

Low tide at Sea Point, Dublin. Perfect for stepping out on to the beach, exploring sand flats, rock pools....

The rocks make perfect places to perch and admire the view. Wonderful to wade out further into the (...not so cold...) water to a rocky outcrop that provided a focal point.

I didn't need to do to much editing with these. The summer evening light was just perfect. Perfect light makes beautiful portraits. We were not even that close to golden hour, when the sunset pops

I just did some tweaks with contrast and exposure. A burst of glow. A pop of color. Still keeping everything really natural and authentic. I think these would look lovely on my professional, gallery quality mat prints. Definitely framed on a console or wall

Being in Dublin in July has been wonderful and so HOT this year. Long may it last!

Family portraits taken of your child with the whole family or friends can be taken before, during or after an event or special occasion. For example, this young woman chose to have pictures done in her pink dress on the beach, but beach summer photo shoots can be dressed up or down. Opportunity for wardrobe changes for longer length sessions!

I love to take pictures for families, children & babies. Older teens & young adult photography.

Having the chance to focus on just one person is always a precious opportunity. I am available for debs & graduation photography Dublin to celebrate your older child's coming of age

For more lifestyle & family Dublin photo shoots in the sun, sea, sand - contact me. I love doing feminine portraits, really exploring the look & feel of the moment. I am a professional lifestyle & family photographer Dublin. I look forward to being your special photographer!

Have a lovely weekend in the sun.

Cara x

woman in a pink floating dress on beach

woman in white ha and pink dress, feet in rock pool

young woman wading in the sea, blue sea and sky

debs portrait of young woman with dark hair and pink dress

young woman holding white sun hat in shallow water, dublin beach photo shoot

young woman by the sea, black & white debs portrait

black & white portrait of a young woman in floaty sumemr dress wading in the sea

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