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Graduation portrait Dublin. Black & white or color?

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Graduation photography Dublin. The time to celebrate your teenager's transition from school, college & university - into the wider world

And isn't she GORGEOUS?

These two pictures were taken shortly before she finished first year at Trinity College Dublin.

Sometimes when I see a portrait, I have to make a decision: black & white or color?

In truth I love both! (Also here I also mean a black or white wardrobe). These colors work so well to wear for pictures.

Ashley chose white. The most important thing is to dress to be comfortable in your own skin. However neutrals & white look great as they don't detract from you in the environment. Black is also a great neutral color to wear for a family portrait session with your teenager or young graduate

As a family & lifestyle photographer Dublin, I also toggle between black & white & color editing for my family & lifestyle portraits

I love the timeless quality of a black & white portrait. Sometimes, though, color is very evocative of a time & place.

Recalling the exact color of say your loved one's hair or eyes feels important.

I love her beautiful light hair and piercing eyes in the frame, amongst all the lush garden planting. At the same time, the black & white centers my gaze on her, distilling everything to the purest elements.

When it comes to portraits, I love a natural edit. With a bit of enhancement. I might double check the white-balance on camera raw. Then make my own call on whether to turn up the warmth. Or cool things down. I love a pop of glow too.

If things turn out right on camera, then usually editing is minimal afterwards. A natural edit means a few tweaks to bring out the best in a portrait.

By the way, I am also excited about my new teenager portrait sessions. Special offer - so watch this space! Studio style portraits in a natural setting. In the comfort of your own home. Or in a beautiful outdoor setting. Beach or park, Dublin.

Now that covid-19 is finally easing up, and things are reopening, the possibilities for family & lifestyle photo shoots around Dublin are hotting up.

So too is the weather! A good combination...

Graduation family portraits can be taken before, during or after the event.

We can do cap & gowns on campus - U.C.D or Trinity Dublin

Or like these pictures here, we can take some of your older child, relaxed after the event. A photo shoot to celebrate who they are

Contact me for your family photography sessions with your older child or teenager for debs or graduation photography Dublin. Or any other occasion, big, small or really very tiny

Cara, x

portrait of a young woman in white peering through antique frame, black & white

color portrait of young woman in white and antique wood frame

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