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Teenage portraits Dublin. Ready for your close up?

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

Florence inside...

A few indoor, at home portraits of my girl in a patch of my bedroom in Blackrock, Dublin. With awesome window light.

(And I mean AWESOME light)

Light is everything, and I mean EVERYTHING to a portrait photographer! Especially for an at home, natural family, child, baby or newborn photo shoot Dublin

As a light-seeker it's important to find the best spots in a home.

So whenever I can, and when there is pretty light in my home - I bring out the camera!

I just hope one of my kids wants to get in the frame

(bribes do help!)

Close ups are great for capturing the details of someone's face.

In her case, I LOVE Florence's freckles! I have admired so many photographers who take pictures of models with freckles, they add so much personality to a portrait. Also interesting texture, form & color. When it comes to portraits of older kids, teenagers & adults, the most interesting faces are the best to photograph

In addition to interesting or stand out features like freckles, I love it when the personality of a child or adult really shines through. That's when the magic happens!

Sometimes I use props to add interest to my child & family portraits Dublin. Although I love natural, candid moments, I find that props can make people feel more engaged. Props give people something to focus on, other than having there picture taken by me!

Props can bring out moments of humor. When people feel relaxed in front of the camera, they tend to be their best, most authentic self!

I want to push this indoor portrait series a little further by introducing some props, other than flowers, that go with the themes of pages of the book she is lying next to.

I have just gotten a crab through the post. A realistic life size crab! I can't wait to use it for one of my at home family portraits.

My award winning family & portrait photography has been shown in 121 Clicks, Design You Can Trust, The Times, UK, and Iconic Artist, Milan

For my personal portraits, I tend to prefer black & white photography as it really distills everything to its purest parts. The focus is purely on composition, light, expression which has its own power of expression.

For my Dublin family photography, I do a mix of rich natural color as well as black & white in my galleries. You can see more on my family Highlights page

For family photography sessions, including newborn at home, please contact me.

I have digital packages that include contact details of the professional printers I use for my own prints. Albums are also available as part of a package or a la carte

Contact me for your light-filled Dublin family portrait session! Outside or inside, let's play!

Cara xx

portrait of a young woman next to a book open on to an illustration and a pair of sparkly shoes

young woman with her face on an open book

girl with hair streaming out and arrangements of white flowers

portrait of a girl surrouned by white tulips

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