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Summer Family Photography Dublin. The seasonal mini session.

Updated: Apr 28

It's Summer here in Dublin. The days are longer. The sun is shining.

Time for Summer family photography Dublin. Also introducing my seasonal mini family photography sessions. These are 30 minute outdoor photo shoots in my local area of Blackrock & Seapoint. Either in a local garden or at the beach at low tide.

At low tide, we can really get to the edge of the water together. Even wade through it with the expanse of shallow water & rocks in the background.

As well as doing family portraits, I do a lot of teenager portraits for debs & graduation photography Dublin. The 30 minute Summer mini still allows me plenty of time to capture emotive portraits.

The Summer Mini: Long Hot Summer. 30 minutes in a Blackrock garden or low tide at Seapoint.

As the tide was out this young woman in a pink summer dress could wade out into the water. I love the contrast between a beautiful dress and being in the water for emotive feminine portraits. Beach family photo shoot Dublin.

young woman in a pink floaty dress wading through the sea at low tide with rocks in the background. summer family photography dublin. beach photo shoots

young woman's dark hair falling across her face with sea and rocks in soft focus in the background. beach photo shoot dublin. summer family photography dublin

The Spring mini."Spring Has Sprung." 30 minutes in a local garden or at the sea at low tide.

This week, catching up on blogging some of my lovely Spring families.

This spring mini family photo shoot. Here, in the heart of Blackrock, Dublin, where the long grass made the garden look like we were in the middle of a meadow in the heart of the countryside.

The warmer weather is perfect for babies & newborns to be photographed outside. I usually just ask families to bring a blanket along for sitting portraits. Although I do at home newborn photography Dublin sessions, seasonal backdrops can create really emotive family photographs throughout the year. Dressed in light white cotton, this families wardrobe doesn't detract from the families expressions as they interact with each other. The white beautifully compliments well the pale green of the trees & grass.

Baby girl took some of her first steps across a lawn strewn with daisies here!

mum leaning her head against baby girls head as she stands holding her under a tree. spring family photography Dublin by cara

mum and dad holding baby girl under a tree, all dressed in summery white cotton

baby girl in white cotton dress held by her dad reaching over to touch mum's face, under a tree in a meadow. spring family photography dublin

mum and dad walking baby girl under a tree in a sun lit meadow

mum walking her baby girl ahead of her across a lawn strewn with daisies. natural family photography dublin by cara. for children and babies.

Below: We took most of these family portraits under a beautiful old cherry blossom tree in the Spring time in the same garden as above. (See here my seasonal cherry blossom mini sessions. )

I last saw this family for a Christmas family Christmas card session. Little girl was still a baby back then. Now she can toddle about, curious about the cherry blossom falling from the trees! I love the picture here where little sister is between her two brothers, looking very confident. I also love the two boys up in the branches of a tree.

I also love this family coordinated their outfits to match the pink of the spring blossom. Complimentary pinks, violets & blues. A perfect wardrobe to match this spring blossom family photoshoot.

little girl in pink dress between her two brothers on a path strewn with cherry blossom

mum kissing her baby daughter in a pink dress under a pink blossom tree. spring natural family photography dublin

Contact me for family photography Dublin & to book your family photography Dublin package including your seasonal mini.

I also do full one hour indoor & outdoor lifestyle & family photography sessions. I have three packages on offer: Gems, Luxe & Family Keepsake. The Gems is a very popular package and includes a one hour photo shoot & 50 edited pictures which I hand select from a larger number of pictures. These are all the best moments from our time together. I include information for Dublin professional printers so you can print your pictures yourself in your own time. The beauty of a digital package is that you can repeat print a favorite picture any number of times. Although my other packages do include print products and handcrafted albums, you can also get all your luxury print products a la carte as well.

Cara Hodge is a professional, award winning child & family photographer with a special interest in child & baby expressive portraits. Including Holy communion & baptism portraits. Also debs portraits for your older child. I look forward to meet you!

Have a wonderful week in the sun!

Cara xxx


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