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Family Photography Dublin. Under The Blossom Tree.

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

It's summer here in Dublin. The days are longer. The sun is shining.

Time for spring family photography here in Dublin

School's out for summer...can't wait to get on holiday myself with my family. The sun has been long missed, and Florence is back from NYC this weekend too!

This week, though, catching up on blogging some of my lovely Spring families.

This spring family photo shoot. Here in the heart of Blackrock, Dublin.

I loved catching up with this lovely family. I saw them last for a Christmas family Christmas card session which we did in the same park & garden in Blackrock

Little girl was still a baby back then, but now she's a little older. She can toddle about, curious about everything, and of course especially the lovely spring blossom, falling from the trees!

There is nothing quite as mesmerizing as falling petals this time of year...Blackrock is bursting with these cherry blossom blooms, making the perfect backdrop to family portraits.

Natural backdrops to family portrait sessions make all the difference. Certain seasons provide beautiful vibrant & colorful scenes across parks & beaches in Dublin

I love the pictures here where little sister is in the middle. Between her two brothers, looking very confident

I also adore the two boys up in the branches of a tree.

The tree branches make a fantastic perch!

I also love the close up of the boys especially, as I love freckles.

My children both have freckles and so I've always had a soft spot for freckled faces & think they look great in child portraits.

We took most of these family portraits under a beautiful old cherry blossom tree.

It was raining slightly - well, a drizzle really - so we kept this hour family photo shoot to a neat 45 minutes instead (my mini session).

The tree providing a handy canopy when the rain threatened to get heavier.

I love the cloudy blooms n the background, and also strewn across the path.

I also love this family coordinated their outfits to match the pink of the spring blossom. Complimentary pinks, violets & blues.

A perfect wardrobe to match this spring garden.

After rainy weather or a light drizzle...( my camera couldn't cope with lashing rain!)...there can be vivid "electric" colors. Cloudy weather can also be wonderful for capturing rich intense colors for child & family portraits.

Although I would reschedule my photo shoot if the weather is bad, in this instance, we made it happen despite the weather!

Pathways can be lovely directional lines within a photograph.

We did traditional family portraits on the pathway.

Focusing on the children together as well as with mum & dad.

Also did some classic group family portraits on the path and under the tree. I did close up portraits of the children as well as pulled back to get the whole family within the landscape of the park & garden.

This park & garden is Blackrock is wonderful throughout the year. It's a very handy spot for a quick impromptu mini spring session.

Contact me for family photography Dublin. I am a professional, award winning child & family photographer with a special interest in child & baby expressive portraits. Holy communion & baptism portraits. Also debs portraits for your older child

Contact me to book your family session & have a wonderful week

Cara xxx

family photography dublin, family portrait in blackrock park under cherry blossom

family portrait with mum, dad, two boys and baby girl. Spring cherry blossom on the trees

family portrait with two boys and baby sister on a park path covered in blossom

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