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Documentary Family Photography

Capturing real & authentic moments

Unscripted childhood. A true recording of you and your family

Go with the flow. Childhood unplugged. Very limited posing.

I call it:


This is about recording your every day "small" & ordinary moments. How you eat, play, sleep. Everything in between.  Documentary photography is less polished & staged. More messy & chaotic. In other words, coloring outside the lines! The truth of real life at home.

This is a bespoke session that is often longer than a usual photoshoot. You can have a regular at home session with this feel though.

Starting at two hours, with pauses in between to allow for natural transitions into new moments. This means that there is no pressure to perform & time to relax. The pictures go with the flow of your life.

I will also make use of the best light in your home. Sometimes beautiful diffused natural light can be in unexpected areas. Nooks & crannies. Reflected off a mirror...I also love to seek out unusual compositions using the furniture arrangements that provide the best backdrops.

This is perfect for newborn, babies & young children who are naturally curious & busy.  Capture special moments breastfeeding baby, bath time, lunch & nap time. You will know your child best of all and we can work out how to capture a true account of your day to day.

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Keep it Real


See regular photoshoot package for more information & then contact me to arrange a bespoke session

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black & white portrait of children around a table and baby in a high chair


Fly on the Wall

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