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boy sucking on a lolly pop with red sweets around his mouth and sticking his fingers through gaps in a table

Documentary Family Photography

Capturing real & authentic moments

Unscripted childhood. A true recording of you and your family

I call it:

Capturing your every day ordinary, extraordinary moments. My documentary, natural family photography Dublin, it's simple. How you eat, play, sleep, bathe. Everything in between. Natural family portraits that are less posed & perfect. More messy & chaotic. The truth of life at home & out and about.

Coloring outside the lines!

Perfect for newborn, babies & young children who are naturally curious & busy.
I specialize in fuss free natural newborn photography at home in the first weeks. This is life as it is, no frills

Documentary style debs & Holy communion photography Dublin. Relaxed occasion photography including baptism, birthdays, graduation

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new dad tenderly holding newborn son with his big arms clasped around newborn head as background falls into softer focus. natural at home newborn photography dublin by cara. candid, documentary style first days in the comfort of your own home dublin

Documentary family or natural at home newborn photography Dublin

A gift? Vouchers available

mum holding up her baby boy on a park bench inside moss covered court yard garden. candid family and baby photography for documentary family moments dublin
family portrait around kitchen table, young children and a baby

Emotive family & child photography with natural connection

The Documentary Family

award winning documentary family picture showing boy watching cat catch a mouse through a window

A snap shot of your day to day. Whatever it is you are doing, I will record it all. The laughter & the tears. Could be at home or at a special event, Communion or baptism.

girl in communion dress and older sister in red dress falling down dune grasses with arms waving in air, as they try and keep their balance

Inside & out. Capturing the details. What are your child's favorite toys, where does he sleep & play? Does he like to bake, is there a favorite pet? Let your home or favorite place outside be the other character in this photo story

at home newborn session with mum and dad smiling naturally and genuinely enthralled with their newborn girl as they gaze at her in the hall way light of their home

Pictures from the documentary lifestyle & family session can be displayed in an album or book. A keepsake of your "day in the life".

grandad tying a turquoise party baloon for his grand child in his flower filled garden on his 70th birthday party at home dublin. natural documentary family photo shoots dublin for birthdays, anniversary, graduation, communion, baptism. at a venue or at home.
mum and dad either side of push chair as toddler in pram leans towards mum and spoon feeds her yogurt from a tub. with park and trees in soft focus. natural, unscripted, unfuusy and fun family photography dublin. award winning and internationally awarded and published family photographer. family photo shoots outdoors in locations all over dublin
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