family portrait with two girls playing in a garden. One girl rubbing her eyes naturally and another playing with a pine cone. Documentary family photography

Documentary Family Photography

Capturing real & authentic moments

Unscripted childhood. A true recording of you and your family

I call it:

This is about recording your every day "small" & ordinary moments. How you eat, play, sleep, bathe. Everything in between.  Documentary family photography is less polished. More messy & chaotic. The truth of real life at home & out and about.

Coloring outside the lines!

Documentary sessions can be longer than a usual family photo shoot. You can have a regular session with this feel though.

I will make use of the best light in your home. Sometimes natural light can be in unexpected places.

This is perfect for newborn, babies & young children who are naturally curious & busy. You will know your child best of all and we can work out how to capture a true account of your day to day.

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black & white portrait of a boy and kitten

Keep it Real


See regular family photo shoot package for more information & then contact me to arrange a  documentary family session

Vouchers available

black & white portrait of a girl on a swing
family portrait around kitchen table, young children and a baby

Emotive family & child photography with natural connection

The Documentary Family

boy watching cat catch a mouse through a window

A snap shot of your day to day. Whatever it is you are doing, I will record it all. The laughter & the tears

boy sleeping in bed with soft toys

Capturing the details. What are your child's favorite toys, where does he sleep & play? Does he like to bake, is there a favorite pet? Let your home be the other character in this photo story

black & white portrait of a girl laughing naturally

Pictures from the documentary family session can be displayed in an album or book. A keepsake of your "day in the life". Or keep the digitals & print as you go

dad, baby boy playing in sea