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Capturing precious moments: In home family photographer Dublin

Welcome to my world of heartfelt family photography, right in the heart of Dublin. Your home is more than just a backdrop; it's where your most cherished memories are made. Join me as we explore the warmth and intimacy of in-home family photography, capturing the essence of your family's unique story, one frame at a time.

Your home and garden can be the perfect setting for family pictures. It's a place you feel comfortable in, that you have lots of memories of. Sometimes, the home can be an important character in your families story. Each room telling a tale of its own.

Intimate Newborn Photography in the Comfort of Your Dublin Home

Below, bringing home your baby for the first time. When the world stands still and your home is the bubble of love as you get to know baby for the first time!

new mum holding a newborn wrapped in a  white blanket on the sofa at home
First baby

To see more of at home newborn photography Dublin sessions please go HERE . That's life at home with your brand new baby

The sofa or master bed can be a simple textured backdrop for a baby portrait. Window light with baby's face turned towards it can light up a portrait beautifully, even when baby is tiny on the bed below he can be positioned on the bed towards the light.

mum and dad dressing baby on the bed
Dressing baby

Here is another baby portrait lying on sofa with head turned naturally towards the window light, gently illuminating his features

baby on sofa, close up with head turned towards the window light
Baby on Sofa

Authentic Family Portraits: Celebrating Love and Connection in Dublin

Below, a photo shoot where the garden held so many precious memories. Where the flowers & planting have so much meaning.

older daughter smelling a rose with family watching

older sister smiling in a sunlit garden

Environmental child & family portraits are when the surroundings add the character of the portrait, telling us something about the person. It's my absolute favorite thing to photograph

older couple smiling at each other in a flower filled garden

Creating Lasting Memories: Professional In-Home Family Photography in Dublin.

Here's mum and dad cozy at home, sharing a kiss, with newborn baby boy and a cute fluffy dog! I like to consider the backdrop to a portrait. Sometimes pulling back and including more of a room. With me Sigma 1.4, 35mm art lens, I am able to include little details around the frame...

mum, dad on carpet kissing with newborn baby and a fluffy dog

Documentary Style In home family portraits.

Family portraits at home Dublin. Everyone looking content, clean & looking into the camera.

Right? WRONG!

The thing is with families is they are perfectly imperfect. And my family portraits Dublin are all about embracing the messy, chaotic. That means also embracing the stuff that happens in between the moment you are all "getting ready" for your family picture. Sometimes, the getting ready bit is DISRUPTED. Who said life is what happens when you are busy making other plans? Well, the same goes for family photography!

Even when things are "almost perfect" and by that I mean, a regular family portrait at home in the garden, I embrace the unexpected - such as when the boy in the toy truck tumbles over! (Below)

boy in toy truck about to collapse on to dad's lap with mum and baby girl watching


This was an at home family session in Blackrock. There was a toy filled den prepared for the family pictures which was awesome. We did some portraits there in lovely soft window light. We also used the garden directly in front of the house for some outdoor pictures

I love how the pictures were taken surrounded with beloved toys & stuffed animals. This also added to the feeling of childhood. Gave an authentic sense of place to the environmental family portraits

I absolutely LOVE the group family portrait where baby is tugging at mum's hair. She is screwing up her face in surprise (PAIN also perhaps...) The look on baby's face is precious like he's having the time of his life yanking mum. Dad & baby son doing their best to smile on regardless!

 Baby pulling mum's hair as family sits on chairs for a group portrait

The most challenging aspect of family photography may well be the GROUP photo with children & babies under the age of 5. That's the age where children don't give a rats about being photographed. Or looking their best. Or smiling!

In fact, young children, babies & newborns are just as happy bawling as they are laughing. There is no judgment on their emotions. They are fully in the moment. Whether it be happy, sad, angry. And all the more subtle emotions - curiosity, bewilderment, dreaminess...

That's also, by the way, what makes photographing young children so magical. The genuine, authentic expressions & gestures they make. They have nothing to hide.

mum & dad surrounded by toys and games, family portrait dublin

group family portrait with mum, dad two boys surrounded by toys and stuffed animals

dad lifting up baby boy into the air, at home family portrait
With dad

mum kissing baby boy in golden light

mum, dad and two boys playing with toys out in the grass

I am now offering mini winter sessions at the beach or garden here in Blackrock.

My other best selling is my digital package which now covers ALL the pictures in the gallery. No need to pick or choose, you simply get all the best edited pictures from the session. I also have a special offer with my family package album. With this handcrafted album package, you get a photo shoot of up to two hours along with a bespoke album of 60 pictures and all the edited pictures from the session with print release.

You can see more about my packages, including my latest family mini sessions HERE 

for candid in home family photographer Dublin moments.

For newborn family portraits at home here, also with family:

And how to prepare for your family or newborn at home session (don't worry, it's easy, I expect very little. Just for you to show up and be YOU

I am a professional award winning family & lifestyle photographer with lots of experience. I am internationally published including in Iconic artist, Milan. For more about how I started my photography journey please visit "The Beginning" of it all HERE 

Embrace the beauty of imperfection and the authenticity of real-life moments with my in-home family photography sessions in Dublin. I can immortalize your family's love, laughter, and connection, right in the comfort of your own home. CONTACT ME today to begin a journey of capturing precious memories that will last a lifetime.

Have a great week,

Cara x


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