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Brand New. Newborn at home

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Delighted to share some of my latest, adorable newborn at home sessions.

It's a very special honor to be invited into someone home to take pictures of their precious newborn.

Those first weeks are usually chaotic.

Parents in a bubble of being parents for the first time. Time stands still.

Where does the time go...? It's a blur.

And yet it's such a precious magical time and an honor for me to photograph those first days and weeks.

Within 2 weeks of birth, baby is still all curled up.

Legs and feet are folded up, and baby is learning to use them with plenty of kicks and stretches!

Hands are stretching out too. Grasping at the air - & mummy's hair is a favorite!

People often schedule a newborn shoot and then it feels like a challenge to prepare for anything in advance. Which is why I give out only the simplest of tips beforehand.

I ask that the main bed be made up and tidied a little bit, on either side, to allow a soft, comfortable spot for the family to rest on.

The smooth lines of the bed allow a soft background for natural newborn baby portraits. There is nothing quite like tiny baby curled up at the end of a big bed.

Soft blankets and throws are ideal for newborn to rest on.

I ask that blinds or curtains be open to allow in as much light as possible. I do love shooting in low light conditions, but sometimes, it is good to have plenty of light for natural baby portraits. To make out those tiny features.

Window light is perfect for highlighting a newborn baby, not forgetting the drama of shadow & light

Other then that, mess & chaos is fine! It is a natural part of being a parent in the first weeks of your new baby's life. I will do my best to embrace the mess, and the chaos. Life as it is!

Although I make room for classic baby portraits, I love the natural feel of documentary family photography. That's taking advantage of moments as they come up. Those natural, moments of connection, are the most precious & authentic.

Ordinary moments to look back on, time & again.

I love to pay attention to baby feet and hands.

An hour photo shoot leaves plenty of time for recording all the little details of your new baby.

I love taking natural pictures of newborns in a plain white vest. It's such simple clothing to show off the brand newness of baby!

I have now two new packages which have print products as part of my newborn photo shoot package.

I have a popular mounted print box which contains 15 mounted 5 x 7 prints.

Also, a new newborn family package which allows for 1 hour and 20 minutes shooting time.

The best 60 pictures from the photo shoot to be used to make up an album, handcrafted in Yorkshire.

For family photography, and natural newborn at home photography please contact me

Have a great week, Cara x

natural newborn portrait of baby feet & hands

newborn girl portrait on pink blanket

baby feet kicking

newborn baby girl portrait, hands clasped around face

natural newborn at home photo shoot

dad holding newborn baby girl

mum and dad hugging with newborn girl, at home newborn session

mum holding newborn, at home session

natural newborn portrait with mum holding baby in window light

newborn baby portrait, back of newborn curled up

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