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Back in Dublin. River portraits!

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Holiday family pictures. Pictures outside of the normal routine. FUN pictures, away from home


Holiday pictures tend to center around sunny weather. Here, in France, by the river.

Since my time in Abu Dhabi when I first discovered my passion for photography, a lot of my child portraits have been taken around water. Swimming pools, sea, river...

I have LOVED to capture my own children playing inside & outside the water. Water creates motion. Water can blur with a slow shutter, and be frozen in the air like beads with a fast shutter! It helps to capture the joy & fleeting nature of childhood

Never a dull moment...

River splashes. Plenty of water, spray, light. I love the combo of water & light. It really captures the energy of summer days by the river.

These are just a few quick pictures from the start of summer. Still loads to get through and edit.

Back in Dublin now. The weather is still perfect in Dublin too. The sea at Sea point is a perfect temperature for swimming...(really)

School is starting back next week and everyone is excited for the new school year.

I have been busy printing my own personal favorite family pictures of my children.

On a mat finish, my prints look gorgeous.

The mat brings out the rich color tones that I love to use in my family photographs. They are perfect showcased in the handcrafted albums I have sourced that are made & shipped to Dublin from Yorkshire UK.

I am an award winning & professional family photographer Dublin. I specialize in expressive child portraits as well as capturing families interacting naturally. CONNECTION is what makes a family photograph successful.

That's connection to each other as well as connection to the environment

As with these river portraits of my child splashing in the water, the fun he's having splashing in the water, is also a connection to what he's doing.

My child photography has been featured in PhotoVogue, Iconic Artist, The Times, UK & 121 Clicks

In the meantime, I'm also enjoying the easing of the lock down here in Dublin. It is wonderful to come back here & see people up and about again. Restaurants & cafes open & spilling out on to the street. There is a real sense of ease & joy. Positive vibes.

For more information on my Dublin family & newborn at home sessions, please contact me. We can always arrange a family beach session, by the water or even in it - here in Dublin!

Have a lovely week, Cara x

boy splashing in the river

boy about to dive into the river

family portrait with boy splashing water and droplets frozen in the air

family portrait with boy and dad on river bank, boy wrapping a towel around himself

child portrait bit boy splashing in the river

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