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Favorite Recent Child Portraits

So, here is a quick catch up. Some of my recent favorite personal child portraits.

These were shown in Iconic Artist Magazine in the Porfolio section.

Here, some of my favorite pictures of my son, many of which are taken at home in Blackrock, Dublin.

Many were taken in my kitchen.

The light is so great there throughout the day, even in the winter, where the light is darker and gloomier but quite dramatic.

This is a space in my home I am using to explore child portraits at the moment.

I have always liked the idea of still life photography, and here is the opportunity to take pictures of my son alongside some still life. Whatever there is at hand in the kitchen can play a part in the still life compositions.

Objects at hand. An old striped tea towel, a knife, some chopped Swiss Chard. I like the way objects catch the light. Creating interesting compositions.

Kitchens are dramatic places. Work happens there, life happens there. Food is made there (and what can be better than that?!).

Kitchens have sharp "grown up" tools, including knives. I do like the juxtaposition between boyhood innocence and the adult tools to prepare food. Yet food is such an important part of childhood experience.

There is so much to do with fresh food, and the husks or remains of food being prepared or half eaten. Glasses half empty or stained. There is a lot to explore with the idea of kitchens as a backdrop to an environmental child portrait, also inspired by still life paintings that I've seen but don't always remember seeing...This really is just a start to exploring pictures around food.

The light inside my house, inside my kitchen especially, can get quite intense later in the afternoon. Big squares of light on the main kitchen island. Also reflecting off the mirror.

I love the circle of light that happened naturally over one eye like an eye patch in one of these pictures.

It's that kind of moody light that can easily put half his face in shadow. Make way for fierce catch-lights in the eyes too.

Dramatic lighting works well for a black & white picture.

Sometimes these child portraits merge into documentary family photography. He will forget he is being photographed. A truly genuine expression. If he's playing, taking a moment to reflect on his own thoughts, or rest his head on his arms.

If he's tired of having his picture taken, for example, he might even glower at me. And when he glowers, I love his intense stare.

It's a good job he gets paid for these child portraits. Often he's more than happy to do them for a reward!

Aside from creating my own personal pictures, or gathering ideas for them, I have been working on my own website. Giving it a revamp. I had different colors before, and I didn't full realize, but different fonts. I love the clean white new look. I have also made my documentary family photography a main page in my menu. These pictures are more posed here below, and using props. Documentary sessions are far more natural: life as it comes up.

My Fly On The Wall sessions are different from more staged child portraits that I do for myself. Documentary family photography for people who want their day to day photographed. Ordinary moments that can be treasured, as simple as preparing lunch after school, or documenting a child playing with his pet.

No frills photography. Moments as they arise naturally throughout the day. Feeding, napping, sleeping, bathing. There is little posing needed for these sessions. Real life family photography

For more information on my family photography sessions, or documentary family sessions, please contact me

boy in kitchen, chopping board of Swiss Chard. Light over one eye. Award winning child portrait, Iconic Artist, Milan

child portrait, boy with shoes

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