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Graduation Portraits Dublin. Flower girl!

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Debs & Graduation portraits Dublin can be celebrations & events from school, college or from university. Including U.C.D, Trinity or other colleges, universities & schools, Dublin.

Debs & graduation photography can also be at a time that's different from the main event or party. They can include the whole family or just the teen or graduate.

To remember them as they are in this period of transition from child to adult! It can be dressy or really low key.

Of course I like to capture caps & gowns on campus too. Here are the recent graduates on the dual program between Trinity & Columbia NYC. Recognize the girl on the left doing the kissing?! The pictures below are the laid back summer photo shoot after she graduated from school

(Time sure does FLY!!)

best friends on campus in graduation caps and gowns

portrait of a graduate on campus in her graduation gown

Here the pictures are all timeless, cinematic black & white photography! My galleries always include a mix of cinematic black & white as well as rich, natural color.

I prefer natural candid moments. Even if there is a special occasion such as a graduation or debs, I still make the most of the moments you can't prepare for!

I like to make my photo shoots personal & let the character of the person shine through. So pick a location you love in Dublin, that best describes you!

I'm based in Blackrock, Dublin. Near Sea point, Sandy Cove and the Forty Foot, as well as parks & gardens. Perfect for beautiful seascapes & beautiful light.

For lifestyle & family photography Dublin. Fuss free, candid & natural! Award winning Dublin photographer.

Cara x

young woman by old apple tree, eyes closed

young woman turning around and holding flower across her face

young woman in black dress and hair in bun in flower meadow

portrait of young woman by apple tree

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