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young woman looking through an antique picture frame, portrait taken in a meadow next to an old tree

Feminine Portraits

Special Occasions where you can shine

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Perfect for special occasion portraits. Graduation & Debs photography, Dublin. During, before, or after the event. Documentary style natural, relaxed photography. Capturing the events of the day and the little details.

Older child, teenager, adult. Emotive, expressive portraits.

At a nearby park or a beach. Any place you feel most you. Or the comfort of your own home. Plan a walk around some of your favorite Dublin places. Perhaps visiting some of your favorite city center haunts.

Capture the essence of your personality. Dress up or keep it casual.

Natural light is the best make over of all. 


debs portrait with young man attaching flower ribbon to a teenaged girl in a white debs dress. Debs Blackrock Dublin

Debs Portraits Dublin

It's not about perfect posing, it's about who you are. In this selfie era, a portrait you can keep & print. Showcase in an album or on the wall

beautiful young woman in a bikini lying in a wheelbarrow in the meadow
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