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Cinematic. Girls captured in black & white

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Girls captured in black & white photography ONLY. In monochrome.

Black & white deals with composition, storytelling & light

Life, but diluted to the purest essence.

The contrasts that make drama. light & shade.

Black & white is a classic as these were the first photographs, before color was even possible

They say a picture can speak a 1000 words. I will have a go at describing some of these pictures and WHY they are b & w' s and not color

(BUT if you love color, hop over to my family Highlights page to see my color family photography Dublin. Although most of my award winning family & child portraits are b & w, that doesn't mean I don't love color in the right setting...)

But for now, back to my cinematic, monochrome dreams...

These pictures were all best family photography moments.

My niece's portrait by a tree is in black & white as I love the patchy texture of the bark, whitened with age. The white bark stands out more in black & white. In black & white you can see the white of my daughter's trench coat matches the cherry blossom she holds in her hand. In black & white the apple tree portrait, normally bright with apples & leaves receded, and you can see the form of the young woman much more clearly. The communion portrait Dublin of the two girls tumbling against each other on the sand dune leaves the emphasis on the movement & not what they are wearing (one sister was wearing a bright red dress). One of my recent faves, the two sister's hugging, the black & white edit means the expression on their faces, the catch light in their eyes, and the light in their hair, stands out so well. The gesture of a newborn baby girl reaching out with her hands & fingers is more emotive in black & white.

Best family photography Dublin black & white moments. In my family gallery I always make room for my timeless, evocative b & w child & family portraits. Most people pick some of them as their faves

It takes a week to get the best moments from your session. After I have gone through all the best images out of camera, they are edited and placed in a professional online viewing gallery. There, you can interact with the gallery and favorite your images. Once I have them, I will do any final retouching needed, focusing on small blemishes on skin and clothes & some background elements. I usually also add a pop of glow to the images, which gives them an extra polish

Family & lifestyle pictures can be bought as a digital package or digital & print or album package. I have sourced luxury handcrafted albums which will stand the test of time

I look forward to doing your family, child, baby & newborn photo shoot. Also debs, graduation, birthdays, maternity, couples & engagement. I specialize in emotive child portraits so I love to do communion photography Dublin. When children are older they have a lot of fun (and play) in my family sessions. I also love to do newborn at home photography & documentary style first days at home. Making the best of small moments of togetherness within our family.

My black & white child & family photography has been internationally published & won first, second & third place at Child Photo Competition, best of black & white child photography, and at the Documentary Family Awards for a black & white summer picture of my son.

Like black & white portraits of my girl, my family sessions are life distilled to its most important essence. Connection & emotion.

Have a great week

Cara x

award winning portrait of young woman at sun down with a white chair in corner of the frame

black & white portrait of girl with arms around tree

young woman reaching out for blossom, black & white portrait

newborn at home portrait of little newborn girl reaching out with her hands & fingers

black & white portrait of teenager under apple tree, covered in apples

young woman at seapoint, her arms folded together,  black & white portrait

family portrait of back of girl's head showing braids

young woman in black bikini in a wheelbarrow

family communion portrait with two sisters collapsing down a sand dune, laughing

family portrait with two sister hugging, light catching hair

maternity portrait with young woman holding her baby bump

little girl skipping over a plant pot, award winning child portrait

man swinging woman into his arms, enagement session at sea point dublin

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