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Graduation summer portraits. School's out for summer!

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

School's out for summer!

The weather is gorgeous in Dublin, Ireland.

A perfect time for family photographs in the sun. On the beach. Or in the park.

Also a perfect time for photographing your older child or teenager

Here, the perfect time for graduation or debs photography before, during, or after the special occasion. I love to take pictures of this special time in Dublin, recording all the details of your child's graduation or debs

Photographs of your older child or teenager can be a dressy affair, especially if it's for debs. On the other hand, your teenager might want a more casual photo shoot

This might be a family photo shoot to remember the likeness of your child at this age, not necessarily at a traditional graduation or debs, but an important time of life regardless

Also, graduation & debs photography Dublin does not have to be at the event location. Family photo shoots with your older child can be at any place they love & feel comfortable at

These of my daughter enjoying a summer evening in a meadow, with garden furniture dotted around as the perfect outdoor seating. A relaxed and fun family session we did together on holiday in France

Here in the house in France, summer portraits can't be complete without a summer straw hat! Hats are wonderful in individual portraits in general. They make the perfect focal point.

For family photography Dublin, including debs & graduation photography with your teenager in a location you love, contact me to book your session

Enjoy summer, talk to you soon

Cara x

young woman with sun hat and black dress in summer meadow

young woman in black dress with bare feet resting on a garden table

young woman in a black dress resting back on chair outside in meadow

young woman in straw hat and black dress holding a painting

young woman in summer hat and black dress in summer meadow, end of day light

young woman in straw hat and holding picture, where half of face is obscured by the hat

young woman with hands resting on face, debs summer portrait

debs summer portrait with girl in black dress standing by fig tree

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