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My Rainbow Moments. Colorful family photography.

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

One of the things I've been doing lately, is saving my favorite family pictures from hard drives up to the Google drive.

It certainly has been a trip down memory lane. We lived in Abu Dhabi for 11 years from 2007-2018. It was the place where my daughter grew up and my son was born. There are a lot of family moments to look back on. The start of my journey in family photography (In the beginning).

Much of my family & lifestyle photography was self taught during my time in the U.A.E. I did a learn to use your DSLR camera course, and then workshops online with family photographers across the world I admired. (Illuminate classes)

Abu Dhabi is a hot, dusty, & fascinating place. There were also many travel opportunities as the U.A.E is on the edge of Asia. For instance, we spent many holidays in Sri Lanka.

Seeing the picture of my daughter, only just a teenager, hugging the stray puppy she'd spotted on the beach in Sri Lanka, tugs at my heart strings.

Also really makes me want to travel back there.

From Abu Dhabi these places were a stone's throw away.

From Dublin, Ireland, they are a long haul flight!

Looking back at my family photography and child portraits from this time, I realize that so many pictures revolve around water. Whether it be the ocean, swimming pool, or even just the inflatable swimming pool in the garden, many of my lifestyle pictures & child portraits show my kids in and around the water.

Also memorable are the long summer holidays we spent in England visiting my mum in Wiltshire, UK. The picture of my son jumping on to the bed is from the time.

Here are a few recent downloads on my desktops that I have quickly re-edited with my current favorite editing tweaks. I used to use all kinds of effects and actions to "enhance" color, but I really feel that natural color is the most gorgeous of all.

I am a Dublin lifestyle & family photographer Dublin. Based in Blackrock, Dublin I love to capture memorable moments, big, small & really very tiny...

Contact me for your family session, Dublin. I am a professional award winning photographer & I specialize in emotive child portraits. I love rich emotive color & soul tugging black & white child photography

family portrait with girl hugging puppy on beach

child portrait of boy in inflatable pool

boy with dad jumping into the ocean

child portait, boy with hose spraying garden

award winning portrait of boy jumping over bed

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