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Winter Baby. Family Photo shoot

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

This is some of my first family photo shoots, Dublin.

I set up during the covid-19 lock down. You know, you remember?!

When we could barely be 500 m from our homes.

I thought "I might as well use my award winning photography in some way" by photographing families - adults, children, babies - here in Dublin

The busiest season so far for family photography Dublin is autumn. Those beautiful autumn colors. Leaves falling from the trees. And the run up to Christmas, of course. Lots of people want family portraits during the festive season. To give as gifts. To make Christmas cards

Winter is a time of hibernation, when families turn inward, think of each other. Celebrate connection

I took many of my families to some pretty outdoor locations around Blackrock, Dublin. Also to Seapoint in low tide for an engagement photos hoot.

Families can wander across the beach and rocks. The sea is also a gorgeous backdrop.

With lifestyle, family, child & baby photography Dublin, it is always a good idea to make the most of "in-between" moments. Although I might start a session with some more traditional portraits (...everyone squeezed together in the frame, nothing too stiff or posed, or sitting on a blanket together), after that, anything goes.

ANYTHING GOES! I'll say it one more time...

After all, family photo shoots with small children can be unpredictable. Small babies have a mind of their own.

It is good to go with the flow and see where the moment takes us.

Moments of pure & authentic connection are always the best.

Small children can display sudden & very tender affection towards their parents. Genuine hugs are best. Sleepy children & babies who fall asleep on their parents shoulder. There is nothing cuter to photograph. Children can go from tearing about the place to wanting connection & love in an instant. These are always the most precious moments. They make the best child portraits

I love to use trees in my family photography as small children - even older ones - love to climb & explore.

I use a professional printers in Dublin for best, gallery quality prints. Also available with a gorgeous mat finish.

Photos can be printed at any size, perfect for stand alone frames or wall hanging. Bespoke albums are also available! It's lovely to be able to plan and create a family keepsake, to look back on, time & again

My family pictures come straight off my camera & go through a detailed sorting process. That's where I go through the very best moments from our time together. in about 1-2 weeks, you get the best ones presented in a professional online gallery with a personalized cover. All edited for color, contrast, temperature...

Once you have chosen your favorites, I will do any extra retouching

You can keep the digital package & print yourself. However nothing is better than holding a favorite picture in your hand. I do recommend you get your pictures printed or made into an album.

For family photography, Dublin. Including baptism, debs & communion portraits, contact me. Making family photography Dublin light-filled & fun! I am an award winning professional photographer for all your best, treasured memories!

Have a lovely week, Cara x

family portrait with mum kissing top of mum's head

girl twirling in communion dress, communion portrait

family portrait with mum holding baby boy in maize

newborn at home portrait, by window light

child portrait, girl hair streaming in the wind

engagement portrait, couple on beach

family portrait with mum holding baby boy on her lap on a lawn

portrait with dad holding his son against his chest

couples portrait, man holding woman in his arms

child portrait, girl with dark hair and green eyes, background of flowers

mum swinging baby boy, black & white family portrait

family portrait with mum, dad, baby and fluffy white dog

family portrait with dad kissing baby and mum watching, all in woolly winter hats

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