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Measuring tape black & white child pictures. After all, he's growing fast!

Sometimes I have more than one project on the go for my emotive child pictures

These are my personal photography pictures that I do in between my lovely family photography Dublin clients

I love emotive, cinematic black & white child portraits. With awesome window light, even a tiny slither, I can make magic moments

Sometimes to make these portraits more interesting, I might use a prop that is close at hand. In this case we were using a tape measure for a homework project and I thought - well, why not? My son is growing by the day. Almost 13! I liked the way a tape measure could be a metaphor for growing & for time. I liked how stark the numbers on the tape measure are when in clear focus...

I am still going through the best pictures for our mini at home Dublin photo shoot. The best emotive child portraits are the ones with the most compelling expression & gesture. They are the expressions I find the most enigmatic. Or the ones when I feel the most connection through the lens! Mama & boy moments that set my heart a flutter. The prop is just an entry point & we can do away with it at any point too...

I also love TEXTURE in a picture. My eye will take in all the edges of a frame, particularly for a black & white child portrait to take in all points of interest. So, in these, I bring out the texture of light & shade on the carpet using my sharpening tool

And here's another trick I love to do. Experimenting with rotating my child portrait. Flipping it vertically, horizontally. Rotating it clockwise & anti clockwise to find the best composition. It can be super interesting to compare a flipped portrait to the way we originally saw the picture through the lens. Personal work is a time to play!

More from my tape measure child portrait series. I am also working on more child portraits with out new french bulldog puppy. More on the blog of these soon! Can't wait to share my favorite puppy moments!

I love candid family photography Dublin. To book your session with me simply fill in the Contacts form. We can chat over email or the phone. I have a range of packages that range from mini family sessions at my local beach or park. To one hour family photo shoots Dublin, including extended family photography sessions with a documentary feel. I also specialize in natural newborn at home sessions Dublin. All that practice at home with my own children helps me to make your at home newborn & family session more magical! After all, it's all about making the most of indoor light throughout the seasons!

Winter family portraits are giving way to SPRING! I simply can't wait for the return of my Spring photo shoot Dublin mini's with the lovely local cherry blossom around Blackrock! There is nothing like the hope that the end of winter & beginning of Spring brings to us. The white, pink & red cherry blossom is a joy to capture always!

Catch up soon. Have a great week! Cara xx

black & white award winning child portrait showing a boy measuring his forehead

boy with eyes closed and tape measure resting across his closed eye

child portrait with a tape measure across his face

portrait of a child lying on carpet in black dressing gown, hood up, award winning child portrait

child portrait, black & white, wearing a black dressing gown

boy playing with french bulldog puppy, child portrait with puppy

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