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Family Photography Dublin. The start of it all. Blossom trees

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

The start of my family portrait photography Dublin was actually across the world from here!

At hot, humid garden in Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi was pretty in pink all year round.

The bouganvillea flowers blossomed everywhere. Including our garden.

Bursting with light and dark pink and red blooms. A sight to behold!

I was often in the garden for my first family pictures. Some of my best family moments were captured there. I started photographing when my son was about 18 months.

The beautiful light in Abu Dhabi, resplendent with haze and sunbursts at golden hour, was a feast for light chasers. Here, the light through the blooms, made the colors intense. And I still love to take pictures with a backdrop of flowers today.

A garden photo shoot can be perfect throughout the seasons.

In Dublin, there are some gorgeous parks & gardens for family portraits.

When I arrive at an outdoor location for a family photography session, I will take note of the arrangement of trees & planting.

I love Spring family photography where I can make the most of the cherry blossom. In summer there is a thick canopy of green leaves and of course golden end of day light!

In autumn there are falling leaves of yellow, orange & red. Phoenix park Dublin has provided the ideal backdrop for autumn family photography. In winter, it is important to look out for evergreens, hollies & berries

Planting can frame a family portrait really well. It is important to look out for directional lines in a garden or park, to create more pleasing compositions. I often do family portraits with families on paths in a park. Also making the most of park benches & fountains

I can’t wait for Spring to bring forth all the beautiful cherry blossoms that mimic the pink of this bougainvillea soon.

More on the blog about my pink cherry blossom photo shoots Dublin & in the family Highlights section of the website here

I do have some wardrobe tips that I give my families. The most important thing for any family session is to wear WHATEVER you are comfortable in. However in seasonal family portraits, wearing the colors of nature can be a great way to blend a family naturally into the environment. So for spring family photo shoots, neutral, white or pastel colors can work well under the blossom. Black can also add dramatic contrast

I will be offering Spring mini family sessions soon. Half an hour shooting with 10 edited favorites that you can choose from a wider selection of images.

All images are edited & finally retouched. Including any blemishes & scratches on skin, clothes & backgrounds

I am an award winning, experienced family photographer with over 10 years experience taking pictures of families, children & babies. I also love to take portraits of older children, teenagers & young adults on their own. Holy communion photography Dublin, as well as all the other milestones.

Nothing says joy and hope more than a garden. A special place to capture the hope & joy of your best moments as a family. Create a family keepsake. Digital packages & luxurious, handcrafted prints & family albums to showcase your favorite moments

Stay hopeful for a brand new spring and beginning!

Contact me to book your family photography Dublin session, Cara x

family portrait with child under blurry blossom, soft focus

garden family portrait with boy and blossom tree

boy in the garden staring into hose, flowers soft focus background

award winning child portrait of boy on a wall reaching out to pull blossom, blossom in soft focus

family portrait with child partially obscured by blossom and leaves

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