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The best season for family photography Dublin? Spring, summer, autumn, winter...

I now offer seasonal mini's for all my Dublin families!

These mini family photography Dublin sessions are about making the most of what the 4 seasons have to offer in Dublin, throughout the year. Also, my regular one hour and extended family sessions

Which brings me to my next question: The BEST season for family photography?

Answer: each has something special, but I do have some personal faves for outdoor locations around Dublin, all natural light...

With that said, the season itself is of course not as important as the connection between families. Connection is where the real magic happens. However, with the seasons come beautiful light & colorful back drops, great for family portraits. So, let's explore...

Spring, first up...

Spring is a wonderful time of year. All around us, the cherry blossom starts to bloom. White, pink, red blooms fill the trees, scatter the parks & pavements. Cherry blossom is a wonderful backdrop for family, child, baby & newborn portraits. With these soft blooms, I recommend a wardrobe palette of neutrals. White or black is always a classic. Pastel colors can work well with these delicate tones too. Pastels can compliment a light blue sky as well as the blossom.

Golden hour can be dramatic when golden light filters through the pink blooms!

This is a top favorite season of mine which is why I am excited to offer my "Spring Has Sprung" Package! Also contact me to find out more about natural, candid communion photography before, after or on the day of Holy Communion!

boy in checked shirt under a blossom tree with french bull dog puppy about to lick cherry blossom. spring natural family photography dublin session by cara hodge

For more spring family photography Dublin sessions please see HERE. Fun filled, light filled mini sessions for Spring family portraits are in my local Blackrock parks! And at Seapoint during low tide...

Summer. The great thing about summer is it is easier to count on sunny days and mellow golden hour light.

Golden hour is 1-2 hours before the sun sets, and is a flattering light for child & family portraits. Summer is a great season for being able to show off more skin. It makes it easier to spread out a blanket in the grass in the park and take relaxed lying or sitting portraits. Most of the year, natural newborn photography can be done in the comfort of your own home in Dublin. However, in summer I love to do newborn sessions outside on a warm day.

Beach family sessions work well in summer too! I offer mini summer beach sessions at low tide at Seapoint, Dublin...

Since golden hour is later in Summer, the sun not setting till 9 or 10pm, the only challenge of a summer session is keeping the children up that bit later!

big sister holding her little sister at home in the garden. Little sister is bare foot and throwing back her head laughing, under a canopy of trees and natural light. summer family photography dublin by cara hodge

For lazy long summer days, nothing is needed except bare feet and whatever can be thrown on, closest to hand. Some of the most beautiful family portraits are spontaneous, spur of the moment. More on my untamed summer series HERE. That's natural family photography Dublin that is untamed and as real as it gets!

Autumn. When I think of Autumn family photography, I immediately think of autumn color. Hence my Autumn color mini family sessions in my local area of Blackrock.

Many parks in Dublin offer beautiful changing of the seasons, such as Phoenix Park Dublin where you can feel lost in nature. The fab thing about Autumn golden hour is it's that bit earlier. Easier to keep the children & babies up for the best light of the day! The sun can set as early as 4pm, giving dramatic light for family portraits Dublin.

Autumn family portraits make great Christmas cards. It is the season when families hunker down, turn in on themselves, and cherish the time together.

Autumn is another favorite of mine simply because the backdrops of color & light is so good. Earth tones work really well for an autumn photography session. Or a mixture of the typical natural colors such as brown, beige, green & blue. Or warm colors that mirror the warmth of autumn leaves: russet browns, reds & warm yellows.

atumn family portrait with two sisters in matching blue outfits, including denim jacket. little sister and big sister touching each others nose. at home family photographer dublin by cara. autumn family portraits in the garden with background of fading flowers and blooms

For more autumn family portraits in the garden with a relaxed feel please go HERE. Where the casual denim jacket little outfits compliment the fading background of pink flowers in the autumn.

Winter light in Dublin can be wonderful for child & family portraits. As in Autumn, golden hour light is earlier in the day making the session times very easy for many families. Winter light can be strikingly intense & beautiful. Although a cold, stark season, wardrobes can be brightened up with pops of color spread across a family. Bright hats, scarves, gloves can provide festive cheer. With that said, earth tones and dark colors can be dramatic and elegant in a sparse winter landscape. This is also the time of year when cozy at home family sessions can work really well. Houses are often beautifully decorated in the winter months, for child & baby portraits in atmospheric window light. A lot of my own family pictures are taken in winter window light. Christmas family sessions are popular as gifts. I have vouchers available for family photography sessions & hand edited images throughout the year. Christmas is a popular time to gift a session.

boys and girls wrapping their hands around a tree in a woond. children wearing bright pops of color for winter family photography dublin. christmas family portraits by cara

More on this Christmas family photography session here in Killiney Hill, Dublin HERE. Where a family wears bright pops of color for the festive season, including hats & scarves.

I run my special seasonal mini family photography sessions throughout the year.

35 minutes shooting in my local area, and all the best family moments hand edited.

Pictures are showcased in a password protected online gallery with personalized cover. Professional printing details are given so you can print any size, from large wall hanging to small console

Contact me for a mini family or regular family session. Making the most of all 4 seasons!

You can read more about what to expect from a Dublin family photo shoot here, where I have my frequently asked questions page:

And to see some best family photography moments here. This is where I show a few pictures from all my recent family photo shoots

Have a wonderful week, Cara

spring family mini with young woman smiling under cherry blossom tree, blackrock dublin

dad hugging daughter under spring blossom, spring family photos dublin

portrait of a young woman in straw hat, summer portrait for family memories

summer portrait of girl in summer meadow surrounded by white flowers

autumn family portrait with mum kissing baby girl surrouned by yellow autumn color

mum holding newborn baby girl surrouned by autumn color leaves, phoenix park dublin

autumn color family portrait with mum in winter wooly hat holding baby wrapped up in winter white woolly hat and clothes

group family portrait, with mum, dad, two boys and baby girl. winter family photo shoot dublin

portrait of girl in blue summer dress in tree

summer portrait of young woman in sun hat and white dress

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