newborn baby girl in pink bobble hat and cardigan in mum's lap, taken from above showing a carpet of yellow autumn leaves

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Moments that stand out

Capture precious moments of connection. Recent family, lifestyle, child & baby photoshoots Dublin

Making family photography light filled and fun. My lifestyle, family & baby photoshoots are natural & authentic. As simple as you squeezing together in the frame.  I love the "in between" unscripted  moments. Perhaps the baby has fallen asleep in your arms. Young children are curious (...and chaotic...) by nature!

Special occasions such as engagement & maternity, new baby. Holy Communion, birthdays, debs, graduation.  Indoor or outdoor, in a place you love.

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young girl in a yellow and white striped jumper fanning out her long brown hair in a garden with fading hydrangea blooms in the background

Family & Lifestyle

Family & Lifestyle packages are available. Choose your favourite pictures from a professional online gallery with a personalised cover

girl in white communion dress running down a sand dune with her dad in a dark blue suit at the beach in Howth, Dublin
young sister hugging older sister in white communion dress in the garden, background of leafy plants, close up portrait of hands hugging
girl in graduate cap and gown, black & white portrait on campus under a canopy of trees

Graduation Photography

Portraits of your graduate on their special day

girl in communion dress is a hotel corridor with large oil paintings on the walls in the background
baby boy chewing his fists on mummy's lap in a leafy park, his eyes with catchlights in sharp focus
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Communion portrait of a girl in a white dress with a white flower head band

Beautiful Holy Communion portraits.

Classic black & white & true natural color

On the day itself, at home & church. Or before & after the ocassion. In the comfort of your own home & garden

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young woman in a yellow straw hat in a french meadow in golden hour light
close up black & white baby feet with toes curled and in sharp focus

For Baby & Newborn. At home in the first two weeks when still all curled up. Or a little older. In a place you love.