New baby lying on blue blanket

Family Highlights

Treasure the Memories...

Memorable moments from my recent Family, Child & Baby photoshoots

Family photoshoots Dublin start with loosely styled traditional family portraits. As simple as squeezing together in the frame.  I also might suggest ideas that look good in the moment. I have some tricks and games up my sleeve that work wonders.  Aside from loosely posed, I love "fly on the wall photography". Seeing where the moment takes us. Perhaps the baby has just fallen asleep in your arms. Or your teenager wants a close up of her dress.  Younger children, babies & newborns are curious (...and chaotic...) by nature. Older children & teenagers (and don't forget the grown ups) create beautiful & imaginative moments too. As a mother of older children myself, I understand how precious every age is.

Each family is unique and so are the pictures.

Each day is different, and so is the light!

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