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Dublin Autumn Photo Shoot. Baby toes & gurgles, Dublin

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

A few pictures from a baby photo shoot just over a week ago in a Blackrock park, Dublin

Autumn is here, but the weather is mild enough for baby & newborn outdoor photo shoots with fewer layers

This beautiful couple didn't want the pressure of feeling like they needed to tidy up their home for an indoor family shoot (not that there were any expectations there!). Instead, they opted for my favorite outdoor "studio".

A park & garden in the heart of Blackrock where there are plenty of natural backdrops in the way of planting for family portraits. Even a holly bursting with red berries at the moment!

Baby boy is adorable here

Curious and alert & full of the first wonders of life.

The parents were clearly IN LOVE with him, and with each other. The connection is authentic & peaceful. Also natural. I love to capture the natural connection between family members as it unfolds. As well as family portraits with a bit of prompting from me, I love the in between moments. The things that come up naturally, especially with small children

There was a chance to capture the all important details.

Little hands & feet.

Details are a perfect way to remember babies & newborns.

Having all the little details in a family photo shoot can really add an extra dimension & variety to the finished online gallery.

As well as offering digital packages and a link to the wonderful fine art printers I use for gallery quality printing, I am also offering some beautiful handcrafted albums.

These albums, handcrafted in Yorkshire, contain at least 30 spreads of beautiful printed pages with all the best pictures from the family photo shoot

I really enjoyed this opportunity for baby portraits. Particularly with this lovely family, gorgeous couple, and new little man!

For family photography Dublin, please contact me to book your session.

Have a lovely week

Cara x

family portrait dublin with dad kissing baby boy's toes in a park

baby foot detail

family portrait with mum, dad and baby boy on picnic blanket

mum swinging baby boy

close up baby portrait with hands in his mouth

baby portrait with baby sitting on mum's lap in a dublin park

baby's hand in mum's hand

family portrait with mum, dad and baby. mum kissing baby feet

family portrait with dad kissing mum on cheek as she holds baby boy

mum kissing baby boy

mum holding baby boy as he laughs into the camera

black & white family portrait of mum swinging baby boy as he laughs. In a dublin park on location

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