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Dublin Lifestyle & Family Photographer

Award Winning Lifestyle, Family, Child & Baby Photography with soul (and a heart-beat) here >

"I couldn't believe how beautiful the pictures are. They are everything I had hoped for. Just lovely"  Marianne

portrait of a young woman in a Dublin park

"Cara was warm and friendly, I felt comfortable right away. The photoshoot was amazing. Absolutely delighted with the pictures, I couldn't recommend Cara enough." Chloe

Baby &Newborn First

Start the precious journey of being a parent

with your newborn or baby's first pictures.

Baby hands & feet...

Feeding, napping, playing. Documentary style first days at home. Or a place you feel at home...

Gallery quality albums, fine art books & prints

Pillows And Blankets
baby mobile

For special occasions big, small & tiny 

Family Highlights

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My family & lifestyle highlights. Precious family moments with babies, newborns, young children & older teens. Includes special occasions, engagements, maternity, birthday, graduation, debs, Communion portraits

dad holding baby boy, kissing baby feet

Baby & Newborn

baby legs in mother hands.jpg

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Baby & newborn first pictures & albums. At home or somewhere special. Traditional & documentary style. Create a keepsake

Feminine Portraits

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Your turn to be in the spotlight. "Model for a day". In a place you feel at home. Wardrobe changes. Dress up or keep it super casual & relaxed

young woman in straw hat, holding picture frame

My Photoshoots

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Individual photoshoot galleries. Glance at some of my family & lifestyle photoshoots & take in my look & feel. Digitals & prints. Gallery quality, fine art printing

mummy kissing baby


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Engagement & couples photography. In a beautiful outdoor location. Seascape or landscape. You decide. This isn't about perfect posing, it's about who you are

portrait of a couple on a beach

Award Winning

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Award winning child photography. Timeless & evocative black & whites. Vibrant colour. Award winning lifestyle & portrait child photography. A glimpse at what to expect from your gallery

boy in a jacuzzi

Authentic, natural moments captured beautifully. In a place you love...

Award winning black & white portrait of a boy in a tree

Cara Hodge Photography in the media >

Precious portraits of your older child & teenager

Alice: "How long is forever?" White Rabbit: "Sometimes, just one second." Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll

Hi there!
 What if it takes one small click to preserve your most precious memories?

For celebrations big, small & tiny, welcome to Cara Hodge Photography! Lifestyle & Family photographer, Blackrock, Dublin.

Dublin photoshoots are indoor or outdoor. In the comfort of your own home. Park or beach. Family portraits, engagement, maternity, newborn & baby. Special occasions like Holy Communion, graduation, birthday parties, and debs.
Capture precious everyday moments. Your child's hand gripping yours. First smiles. Baby bumps. Passionate couples.
Details like unruly hair, the curl of an eyelash. A favorite dress...
I love vibrant natural colour & timeless, emotive black & white pictures. Favorites are featured in Iconic Artist Magazine & have won prizes at International Child Photo Competition.

For more about me, the fact that I like marmalade on toast & tea and Cola-Bottle sweets, that's here in About Me.

Find out more about what to expect here


A light chaser at heart, I love capturing moments that make the heart beat a little faster

portrait of a young woman in a white dress with a straw hat
woman in a straw hat
girl in golden light with straw hat

Digitals & beautiful mat printing. Fine art, gallery quality

2nd place - Winters Bone - Caroline Hodg